New Global Vape Alliance Focuses on Cooperation Within The Industry Worldwide

The Global Vape Alliance was announced last month at the InterTabac Trade Fair in Dortmund, along with a significant emphasis on the need for collaboration, the promotion of responsible practices, and the advocacy of harm reduction within the vaping industry on a global scale.

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In an unprecedented significant move, the Global Vape Alliance brings together prominent international vaping organizations, including the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (ECCC), the US Vapor Technology Association (VTA), the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), and the Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA).

The founding of the Global Vape Alliance aims to promote international cooperation. The declaration is a voluntary commitment by the industry to further develop the topics of youth protection and product safety in the interest of consumers.IEVA

The launch was accompanied by a historic declaration designed to emphasize the strength the vaping industry will gain by uniting. By taking industry leaders under its wing, the alliance pledged to foster responsible and positive changes on a global scale, marking a new era in the industry’s commitment to public health, environmental sustainability, and the well-being of individuals seeking alternatives to traditional tobacco products.

The key highlights of the Global Vape Alliance Declaration were the following:

·Regulatory Compliance: The Alliance will facilitate the sharing of best practices to ensure member companies adhere to existing laws, regulations, and industry standards, with a strong emphasis on responsible marketing and safeguarding youth.

·Industry Promotion: The Alliance aims to enhance the professionalism, significance, and sustainability of the vaping industry by promoting communication among industry stakeholders and encouraging technological innovation.

·Public Health: Prioritizing harm reduction, the Alliance actively advocates for the adoption of vaping products among traditional smokers to reduce harm, while openly providing information about their impact on physical health.

·Environmental Protection: In pursuit of a more environmentally friendly future, the Alliance will champion eco-friendly strategies, promote recycling, low-carbon design, and encourage compliance with environmental regulations.

Aiming for a positive impact on public health and the environment
Further to the declaration, President of the Independent European Vape Alliance (IEVA) Dustin Dahlmann, summarized that the goal of the alliance is making a positive impact on public health, support smoking cessation efforts, and contributing to a sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

While ECCC Secretary-General Will Ao stressed the importance of this declaration in guiding the global vaping industry towards healthy development and prosperity. John Dunne, Director General of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA), highlighted that the vaping industry is entering a critical period due to increased scrutiny, and its commitment to high standards, practices, and a smoke-free future.

Similarly, Executive Director of the Vapor Technology Association (VTA) Tony Abboud, underscored the significance of sound science, truthful information, and sensible regulations to better serve those consumers who are using vapes in order to reduce or quit smoking.

A strong global community open for dialogue
Vaping Post replied to a press release on the launch, by asking in what ways will the alliance try to get a seat at the table when major entities, such as the WHO’s infamous COP FCTC, are discussing tobacco control strategies.

“The founding of the Global Vape Alliance aims to promote international cooperation. The
declaration is a voluntary commitment by the industry to further develop the topics of youth protection and product safety in the interest of consumers. This has created a strong global community, which will of course be in contact with all those
who have an interest in exchanging views with the responsible industry. The WHO should take note of this and recognise that the vaping industry is doing all it can to
protect vulnerable groups and educate smokers about harm reduction with e-cigarettes,” Philip Drögemüller from IEVA told Vaping Post.

He added that the fact that this is a global alliance, hence comprises a significantly large collaboration between different organizations, should make it easier to get the message across. “Very important in this context is the large number of e-cigarette companies in China, Europe and the USA that are represented by the four founding associations.”