Mod Guide: Innokin Mini Zenith D22 MTL Kit

Innokin is known for their excellent starter kits, and many users are committed to this legendary brand for all of their hardware needs.  Now, they’ve given us the Innokin Mini Zenith D22 MTL Kit, a revolutionary vaping system that allows MTL users to enjoy superb satisfaction without the use of salt-based nicotine e-liquids.  It’s portable, powerful and stylish, as well as full of lots of unique features.

Now, if you’re ready to enjoy a mouth-to-lung experience like never before, this is the kit that you want to grab.  But, before you start using it, refer to this guide.  We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial to assembling and utilizing this kit so that you can have glorious vaping sessions in no time.

Step #1: First, remove the kit from the box.  You can leave the spare parts in the box, but make sure that you store the box somewhere safe since you’ll probably need those spare parts at a later time.

Step #2: Now, it’s time to charge the mod.  This mod has a built-in battery, so all that you have to do is install your charging cable directly into the mod’s USB port.  When the mod is done charging, the light will turn green.

Step #3: While the mod is charging, prep your tank.  First, select which coil you’d like to use.  A 0.5ohm coil is already installed in the tank, but you may switch it out for the 1.6ohm coil that’s included.  Whichever coil you choose, make sure that you thoroughly prime it before using it as this will prevent dry hits and coil burnout.

Step #4: Next, fill the tank with e-liquid.  The tank can hold two milliliters of vape juice.

Step #5: Attach the tank to the mod and turn the power on. The display screen will light up.  Use the display screen and navigation buttons to choose your settings.  The mod can reach up to 400 watts.

Final Step: Take your first hit and enjoy!

The Innokin Mini Zenith D22 MTL Kit is a highly innovative vaping system that comes with lots of the benefits of using a portable device, only with seriously advanced features to boot.  Before you take it out of the box, refer to this guide to ensure that you’ll be able to get the most satisfaction out of this vaping system.  Enjoy your vapes!