Having become a widespread means of consuming different kinds of materials, vaping has become a popular practice for many. Today, we look at the best practices of different vaporizer users and consumers to bring you the ultimate vaping dos and don’ts.


1.Do clean your vaporizer
Cleaning your vaporizer is a must. Even if you only use it occasionally, making sure the vape is clean before you put it in your mouth should be a practice. You can use a cleaning cloth to wipe the mouthpiece and the surface of the device clean. Also, check the chamber for dirt and debris before loading your materials.

2.Do buy replacement vape parts
Vaporizers have components that can weaken overtime. Buying replacement parts allow you to address these weak components immediately without having to send the device back to the manufacturer.

3.Do give it a once over
checking your vaporizer thoroughly at least one a month can help detect signs of damage early on. you either replace the damaged part or if issue is too critical stop using as it put in danger.

4.Do store your vaporizers properly
When storing your vaporizer, make sure you store them properly. One way to do it is to remove the atomizer from the battery. Leaving the atomizer, the cartridge, or the coil connected to the device creates a circuit which can drain the battery or cause unnecessary misfires.

5.Do follow proper charging instructions
Follow the charging instructions set by the manufacturer. Do use the charger that came with the device or a similar charger with the recommended specs. Using one that operates outside the parameters of the battery can damage it. If you are using a vape with integrated batteries, this may mean you have to get a new vaporizer. If you have one with removable batteries, this means that you may need to get replacement batteries.

6.Do use a carrying case
Carrying cases are great for when you need to take your vaporizer with you. Not only will it provide you a separate stash for your device but most carrying cases do come with extra pockets for accessories and your choice materials. Use one to prevent your vaporizer from getting damaged and have extra room for vaping accessories.

7.Do keep it discreet
When you are vaping, keeping a low profile can help you enjoy your sessions in peace. Not everyone gets the benefits you get from vaping and you may get disapproving looks and unappreciative head shakes from people who judge you for it. Keep your sessions discreet by using portable vapes and not acting like a fog machine.

8.Consume responsibly
It goes without saying that you should be responsible when consuming your favorite materials. Whether they are herbs, wax concentrates, or oils, make sure that you understand the responsibility that comes with the privilege of vaping. Do not throw used and empty carts on the streets, avoid dumping ABVs on the sidewalks when you are using your vaporizer on-the-go.

9.Do be considerate of others
The same goes with the people around you. Not everyone gets why you vape, so always ask permission if you are going to use your vaporizer in the middle of a crowd. Follow official rules and do not be a smart ass by thinking you can vape in a no smoking area because it is not smoke. Play by the rules and you should be fine.

10.Do use the correct material
Make sure that you put the correct material in your vaporizer when you use it. If it is an herb vape, make sure you use dry herbs, oils for oil vape pens and wax for dab pens.


1.Don’t mix and match vape batteries
If your vaporizer has a removable battery, avoid mixing and matching. Follow the battery specifications of your vaporizer as it may not produce enough vapor or cause a short circuit. Also, if your device uses two batteries, do not use an old battery with a new one and vice versa.

2.Don’t leave a vape charging overnight
Leaving a vape charging overnight can damage the battery overtime. Bloating, leaks, and inevitable end of life are just some of the problems you face when you always leave your vaporizers charging for more than the expected time frame. Most chargers and vaporizers have charging indicators, unplug it when it says the battery is fully charged.

3.Do not tamper with your vaporizer
Do not tamper with your device. Unless you are a professional, avoid stripping the device and tampering with its components. Chances are, you may not put it back properly and you can risk shortening the lifespan of your vape.

4.Do not share your vaporizer so freely
Especially in these trying times, avoid sharing your vaporizer. The mode of vapor delivery will always be inhalation, do not let anyone put their lips on your vaporizer’s mouthpiece for hygienic purposes.

5.Do not force vaping on others
Sometimes you just cannot help it. You are overwhelmed about the benefits of vaping and how healthy of an alternative they are to smoking. In some cases, you find yourself evangelizing others. To the right audience, your words are enlightenment, but for those who are not interested, it does not matter. Accept that vaping is not for everyone, avoid preaching to everyone you meet.

6.Do not leave a vape battery without charge when storing
Avoid leaving batteries without charge especially if you are storing your vaporizers for a long time. Some batteries die outright when the charge goes below than 2% so make sure you leave some power in there to keep the battery alive.

7.Do not leave your material in the vaporizer
We know it cannot be helped. You just had a killer session and you forgot to clean the vape and throw out the already vaped ground botanicals in the chamber. That is alright as long as you get back to it in a couple of hours. Avoid leaving used herbs inside the vape if it is being put away in storage for awhile. It can cause material buildup and may gunk your dry herb chamber.

8.Do not consume beyond your limit
This is important if you are vaping when you are out and about. Avoid consuming beyond your limit especially if you are using materials with psychoactive effects. Make sure to keep it at a considerable dose so you can still be functional even after a quick session.

9.Do not vape around kids
This is pretty much self-explanatory, vaping around kids puts them in the danger of inhaling secondhand vapor. Even if vapor dissipates faster than smoke, kids can still be exposed to the smaller particles and trace amounts of the active ingredients from your materials.

10.Do not buy used
When buying vaporizers, batteries, and other parts, make sure you avoid buying used.