Leading the Industry Revolution, SMOORE Launched Groundbreaking Technology Solution ‘Power Alpha’

Press Release
SMOORE, a global leader in atomisation technology, officially launched a new disposable product solution ‘Power Alpha’ at the Total Product Expo 2023 in Las Vegas. ‘Power Alpha’ is a newly-developed non-rechargeable solution that solves the disposables’ issues of short battery life, charging inconvenience and fading flavour after recharging.

Founded in 2009, SMOORE is devoted to establishing a smoke-free world while raising the quality of life for consumers. The launch of Power Alpha aims to develop an advanced technology and solve the consumers’ pain points about the charging anxiety and flavour fading. TOPOWER and COREX are the key revolutions of Power Alpha.

The technology behind Power Alpha is groundbreaking, featuring two patented technologies – TOPOWER battery and COREX atomiser.

TOPOWER offers 30% more capacity in the same size or 30% smaller size for the same capacity, providing 6,000+ puffs without needing to recharge. This battery technology also ensures consistent output throughout its life, avoiding the common issue of flavour drop-off due to voltage drop.

With a 3% capacity decrease during one year of shelf time, TOPOWER boasts the longest shelf life in the industry.

SMOORE also improved the COREX technology and upgraded mesh coil solution, pointing to cater to global consumers’ preference to mesh coil disposable. COREX atomiser technology takes the vaping experience to a whole new level.

With its improved mesh design, COREX increases E-liquid conductivity by 15.8% and E-liquid absorption by 23.5%. The F1 airflow design improves vaping smoothness by 30%, and decrease condensation by 100%.

This technology ensures that consumers can get the best flavour and smoothest vaping experience.

Power Alpha is the ultimate solution for non-rechargeable disposables that delivers consistent vaping experience every time.

With 6,000+ puffs and no charge requirement, Power Alpha aims to provide a freedom and convenience vaping experience, filling the gap in the market and satisfying consumers’ needs.