Latest Health Update on Vaping in the UK

Covid 19 and Vaping 
The GOV.UK website has outlined instructions to keep vapers nice and safe in light of the pandemic situation. 

They recommend vapers regularly wash their hands and to make sure their vape kit is kept clean due to the repetitive hand-to-face movements involved in this activity. 

For smokers, they mention that smoking can greatly increase the chances of contracting a respiratory infection such as Covid. This makes now a particularly beneficial time for quitting the habit for good. 
It also specified that switching to vaping is a viable substitute to smoking due to supported evidence presented by Government funded Health bodies such as the NHS. 

Due to the shared agreement that vaping is an effective and less harmful alternative to smoking, it is therefore assumed that you are putting yourself less at risk of getting the virus by making the transition to vape instead of smoke. 

Health Organisations that support Vaping
Collectively, the NHS, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Public Health England all agree that while vaping is not completely harm-free, it is undoubtedly less harmful and is an effective method of quitting smoking.
For a visual demonstration showing the clear differences that smoking vs vaping has on your lungs, please click on this video made by Public Health England (PHE).

The NHS also provides stop smoking services involving one-to-one and group sessions online. This form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) addresses behavioural links to smoking such as anxiety and depression. 

Vaping on the other hand, tackles the physiological needs required to quit. 
Therefore, vaping coupled with NRT is one the most efficient methods of kicking the habit once and for all.