Know Your Vaping Batteries!

The world of vape batteries is more diverse than ever before, and for good reason.  As vaping technology continues to evolve, more and more devices hit the market, which means that more batteries need to be developed to accommodate the ever-growing diversity of hardware that’s out there.  This is why it’s more important than ever before that you know exactly how to choose the right battery for your unique vaping setup.
Choosing the right battery couldn’t be more critical.  For one thing, if your battery isn’t compatible with your device, your device will either not perform up to your standards, or it won’t work at all.  Even more important, however, is the fact that the wrong battery can be quite dangerous.  An incompatible battery can harm your device, or, even worse, you.
So, how can you tell the difference between the different types of vape batteries that are on the market today?  Well, you can simply follow this guide.  We’ve broken down the three main types of vape batteries that are out there, and have gone into great detail to explain how they differ from each other.

Why There are So Many Different Types of Vape Batteries on the Market Today
Once upon a time, most vaping devices were extremely similar to each other.  They had a similar wattage range, a similar size and a similar performance.  Therefore, they used similar batteries.
Now, as we know, the vaping industry has evolved quite a bit.  We have box mods, portable vaporizers, pod mods and more.  This means that each type of device requires a specific type of battery.
If you’re new to the world of vaping, the battery market can be quite overwhelming.  For one thing, you have to have a general understanding of terms like capacity and voltage.  And, you need to be extra careful when it comes to selecting the right battery because the wrong one can have a variety of unwanted results.
So, allow us to break down the different types of vape battery categories that are available.  You can use this information to purchase the correct one when the time comes.

Box Mod Batteries
Box mod batteries have been around forever, although they have evolved a bit over the years to accommodate the ever-growing wattage ranges that box mods allow.  Box mod batteries are large lithium-ion batteries, and the standard box mod devices takes two, although some only require one.
Basically, the higher the wattage level of a box mod device, the higher the capacity the vape battery must have.  This is why average box mod batteries start at 2500mAh.  It’s also worth pointing out that while a lot of smaller vaping devices have built-in batteries, box mods almost always utilize batteries that are sold separately.

Pod Mod Batteries
Pod mods are a relatively new addition to the vaping market, and they are extraordinarily different from their box mod predecessors.  Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the batteries used with pod mods are extremely different from the batteries that are used with box mods.
For one thing, most pod mods have batteries that are integrated into the hardware.  In other words, they’re built into the mod, and that’s how they are made.  You don’t remove or replace the battery.  When you charge the battery, you’re plugging the whole mod into your charger.
Pod mod systems utilize less power because they aren’t designed to produce a heavy amount of vapor.  Pod mods are more about delivering a potent amount of nicotine.  For this reason, they don’t require large capacities.  And, the lower the capacity, the smaller the size.  Therefore, pod mod batteries are incredibly small and tend to have capacities between 200 and 1000mAh, depending on the output of the device.

Portable Vaporizer Batteries
Portable vaporizer batteries vary in terms of size and capacity, because portable vaporizers themselves vary quite a bit.  However, the average portable vaporizer that’s on the market today utilizes a 500mAh battery, give or take.  And, most of today’s portable vaporizers utilize batteries that are built into the hardware, just like pod mods.

A Final Word
We can’t stress enough the importance of choosing your vape battery wisely.  We strongly suggest doing lots of research before buying a particular battery.  Don’t go with a cheap battery as these can leak onto your device and cause internal damage.  Also, bear in mind that you’ll have to replace your vape batteries fairly regularly as none of them are meant to last forever.    

Today’s Vape Batteries Are Extremely Diverse
But it’s up to you to know how to tell the difference.  Use this guide to buy the right batteries for your individual vaping setup.  Besides the fact that the right battery will ensure that your device performs properly, it will keep you safe.