Kanger SUBOX Review

Kanger SUBOX Intro
We review the new Kangertech Subox kit. The Kanger Subox kit comprises of the new Kanger Subtank Mini and the matching Kbox mini 50W box mod. The tank and box mod kit comes in either a white or black matte finish.

The new Kanger Subtank Mini on the Subox is a much improved tank featuring vertical coils and much better flavor than the previous Subtank Mini. The Kbox mini is a 50W box mod that can fire down to 0.3ohm. These things look gorgeous and it is no wonder vapers are going crazy for them!

The tanks and kbox mini come as a combo kit. The Kbox mini box mod can be purchased separately as well if you only want the box mod. I can’t find the tank being sold anywhere on its own yet, but I am sure Kanger will be selling them separately soon as well.

We will structure the review by first reviewing the new Kanger Subtank Mini and compare it to the older Subtank Mini and then review the Kbox Mini separately, finishing with our thoughts on the Kanger Subox kit as a whole.


  • 10W – Only a faint whisp of vapor.
  • 20W – A nice cool vape with some decent clouds already. The flavor is still lacking slightly at this wattage.
  • 30W – A lovely warmish vape with plumes of tasty vapor. The flavor is now starting to become more pronounced.
  • 35W – This is my personal sweet spot for this tank. It’s a nice warm vape without being too hot. The new coils and air flow do a great job of keeping the tank relatively cool, which is a big improvement over the original tank and drip tip which tended to get very hot very quickly.
  • 40W – A delightful warm vape now. On longer inhales the vapor will get a bit too warm for my liking, but the flavor is absolutely terrific, much better than the original subtank mini if you ask me. If you chain vape at this wattage the coil will start to edge on a burnt hit, but we never really got a full burnt hit (using a 75% VG e-juice).