Vaping and smoking are the two most popular forms of herbal consumption. Whether you choose to smoke dry herbs, or vape wax and e-juice, you are sure to find something to suit your needs in either category. The problem here is that there are unforeseen costs that many do not consider. Sure, you might need a lighter to smoke, or a dabber for your wax, though there is a costlier aspect that many do not see until it is too late. Most of these are the cost of accessories and the materials being smoked or vaped. Another is the health aspect that can come at a price. There is a reason why many choose to transition over to vaping instead of smoking. Here we will be exploring these and more as we delve into which modality is the most cost effective.

The Costs of Vaping
Every device needs its fair share of tools and having the right tool for any job is what counts. Vaporizers, no matter if it be a desktop or portable vape pen, will need additional tools if you are to have a decent vape session.

For dry herbs, having a high-quality grinder is essential to ensure your material vapes smoothly and evenly. For wax, you would need a dabber. Keep in mind that additional items such as downstems or mouthpieces will not be included because it just goes without saying that those are essential components needed to make your device function.

Vape material such as wax, e-juice and dry herbs can accumulate if you own a 3 in 1 vape. Not to mention having different atomizers to accommodate your modalities. Still, having any type of vape can be a much better option in comparison to smoking.

The Costs of Smoking
Whether you smoke cigarettes or have a combustion vape, there are also bongs, bubblers and pipes that usually only accommodate the use of dry herbs. This can keep your costs down considerably when compared to all the things you would need for a vape.

However, there is still the element of health to consider. Many people often choose to leave smoking behind in favor of a healthier alternative. Lung problems and medical patients are what usually make the transition, including those who just want to prevent anything bad from happening in the first place.

In the long run, it could cost your health a great deal if you choose to remain a smoker of cigarettes for example. Nicotine can be, arguably, more safely administered through the use of a good box mod vape. The e-juices available even come in flavors that are not possible with the traditional way of smoking.

The Best Option
When we vape, we often look at the purchases as investments for our health. The truth is that vaping is a bit costlier than a smoking habit, though much cheaper than a doctor’s bill.

This is a good way to look at it. While smoking can also be done safely in moderation, those with underlying health issues would be wise to make the transition into vaping to prevent further damage. The best option for you will be one that is highly personal.

Even discussing your options with a doctor would be a good idea as a medical patient. No matter what you choose, always make the decision based around your health needs. If you find you want to smoke herbs, but you suffer from arthritis, invest in an electric grinder for example.

Final Thoughts
Always keep in mind that smoking and vaping are both meant to enhance your lifestyle. Smoking can be done if one does not abuse it. Water is a perfect example. Drink too much of it and you could be in bad shape. It is all about being sensible. Again, view the costs as investments, especially for vaping.

The truth is that even though vaping might be financially considered, the real cost is concerning your health, in which case vaping would be much cheaper. Always look at the bigger picture and go with whatever suits your style. If after reading this you still want to smoke, then there are ways to go about getting the right type of device to limit your exposure.

Bongs are great as they utilize both water and ice to cool down smoke. This limits any irritation that could occur without it. Even without a bong, a normal pipe can still be fine so long as you use it carefully.