Is There a Perfect E-liquid Flavour?-Tobacco and menthol e-liquid

Are you an all-day vaper, or do you flavour rotate? Is there a perfect e-liquid flavour from the hundreds of flavours of e-liquid online in the UK?

After years are rotating through a different flavour every day or so, I accepted the fact that I had already found my all day vape. This is a flavour I can enjoy all day, never lose the taste and never get sick of. It turned out this flavour was Double Menthol from the Red Label range. 

It surprised me as I have always been a flavour chaser. I enjoyed researching and trying new flavours. Give me that over huge clouds any day. My problem…I’m just too fussy. I got sick of e-juice within a day and then I had to change my atomizer or cotton as I can’t mix flavours, etc etc and so it went. 

This got me thinking, is there a perfect e-liquid flavour? Let’s take a look at the different flavour types available.

Tobacco E-liquid
As we make the switch from regular combustible cigarettes, why don’t we all just stick to tobacco flavour e-liquid?

I know some vapers do. There are die hard tobacco fans out there, but some tend to move away from this flavour very quickly, or don’t even start vaping there. 

For myself I knew that it wouldn’t work for me. I never truly enjoyed the taste of cigarettes anyway (does anyone?) hence why I smoked menthol. So, moving to menthol was natural for me. 

When I was in the throes of flavour chasing I was partial to a fruit tobacco, such as Blueberry Tobacco from the Patriot Range. What is your favourite tobacco flavour?

Menthol E-liquid

This is my bag. 

Having asked around the office, some people get menthol, others just don’t. It seems to be one of those marmite e-liquid flavours, you either want everything menthol or nothing. I have vaped Double Menthol from Red Label for over 2 years now. I have the odd couple of days where I might go for a Refreshing Love, but it is then business as usual. 

The way I describe menthol, is a feeling rather than a flavour. To me it doesn’t taste minty, or of anything in particular. It feels of something, maybe cool. All I know is that it stops me from smoking and I love vaping it all day. 

A lot of vapers enjoy menthol mixed with something, usually fruit.

Fruit E-liquid
There is a reason fruit e-liquids are ridiculously popular. They taste great, there is a tonne of variety and are ideal for vaping all day. 

There are some that are seriously sweet, like Orange and Mango from Mr Wickeds and others that are more subtle like Raspberry from Red Label. All are moreish and I have yet to try a fruit flavour that didn’t taste nice. 

Believe it or not a lot of vapers start off on a fruit flavour, it’s easier for some to move completely away from tobacco to keep them off the cigs. 

Dessert E-liquid
Now these I personally I am not a fan of, but they have been steadily growing in popularity over the years. Dessert e-liquid is anything that you could eat as a pudding. 

Think pancakes, ice cream and custard e-juice. 

A lot of vapers find these great as an evening vape, after your tea they can really hit the spot. Other will happily vape desserts all day. 

Hugely popular is Blueberry Crepe and Twisted Ice Cream from Mr Wicked’s and The Judge (Custard e-liquid) from Diavlo.

So what have I learned from the delve into the perfect e-liquid flavour…that there isn’t just one. But that is what makes vaping so great. 

When you smoke you are stuck with one overwhelming flavour, tobacco. No matter which way you spin it its always there. 

Vaping gives you one thing that cigarettes don’t, choice.