Is it important to match your e cig to your handbag?

Before I attempt to answer the incredibly serious question at hand, I should point out that I am a bit OCD about matching my accessories.
Well, when I say a bit OCD, I mean completely up my own you know what.

For instance, I couldn’t contemplate leaving the house sporting anything other than a red handbag, If I happen to be wearing red shoes. That would just be wrong.

Of course, I fully appreciate that sometimes mixing and matching really works and that my need for symmetry is undoubtedly stunting my creativity. But I just can’t get past the compulsion to match.

I don’t coordinate my accessories, I match them, and that’s that.

So, for me it is incredibly important that my e cig matches my handbag. I would find it deeply unsettling to reach into my purple Laura Vita bag and pluck out a pink vape pen.

While I am sure that for most people a mismatched vape pen probably isn’t up there with climate change or Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as an issue, it is an issue for me.

So, if you share my compulsion, how do you ensure that you always have the right vape for every outfit?

Rainbow is the new black
Black matches pretty much everything and so I suppose that the easiest solution to the dilemma is to invest in a black e cig. Going for black will also have the useful side effect of opening up a world of choice because most e cigs are available in this colour.

But black is a bit boring, isn’t it?

Every year some colour or other is allegedly the new black. In truth, no shade ever is and I would like to propose a much more interesting solution. That solution would be to choose a device of the multicoloured variety.

You may have noticed that certain vape pens and mods are available rainbow finishes featuring multiple colours. These rather snazzy little numbers, such as the SMOK V2, give you devices that match absolutely everything. They are anything but boring, and I love them.

Rainbow e cigs are the Adam Lamberts of vaping – loud, sparkly, charismatic and versatile.

Going for gold
If a rainbow finish doesn’t fit the bill and black is too boring, what about a bit of bling?

Many vape pens are available with gold or silver finishes. These shiny sensations will match your jewellery, if not your handbag, and are surely great options for special occasions when bling is more a requirement than a matter of personal taste. Don’t miss the SMOK Stick R22 kit if you are going for gold.

I don’t mean to suggest that every vaper should channel their inner Ali G when selecting their e cig (does that date me?). But gold can be quite classy, don’t you think?

Create an arsenal of e cigs
Another option that is worth considering is an investment in not one but several devices. Many of the best choices from the leading brands are available in numerous colours from ravishing red to regal purple.

Your arsenal of e cigs will give you the added benefit of spares should you lose or damage your kit. If you knew how many vapes I have ruined, you would buy 20 immediately!  You would then always boast the perfect piece for every outfit, and you can even create funky looks by mixing and matching your batteries and tanks.

So, are matching accessories must-haves?
I suppose that in the general scheme of things, a matching e cig isn’t exactly a life or death issue. With most of us struggling to pay our rapidly increasing energy bills, the colour of our vapes probably isn’t the most pressing problem that we need to deal with.

Having said that, I would consider turning all my lights off and foregoing the use of my dishwasher if it meant I could save enough cash to treat myself to a new rainbow vape.

For those of us who still have a few pennies left at the end of the month because we have been bumbling around in the dark, a device that matches our other accessories is a nice thing to have. Even if we can’t see it!

Making a statement doesn’t need to cost the earth either as it is possible to invest in something suitably colourful for just a few quid.

I note that the Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus Vape Kit is priced to please at £15.99 and is available in appealing colours including rainbow.

You don’t need to match your device to your handbag. But if you can afford to, why not indulge yourself?