Innovative E-Liquid Brand DELICIU Debuts Alongside VAPORESSO XROS 4 at the Vaper Expo UK

In a move that aligns with the growing concerns over disposable vapes, the innovative e-liquid brand DELICIU made its debut at the Vaper Expo UK on May 10th. This launch is especially timely, as the UK and several European countries are considering bans on single-use vapes. DELICIU e-liquids aim to empower consumers with more options backed by VAPORESSO’s spirit in providing innovation, reliability, and style.
DELICIU, introduced alongside VAPORESSO’s latest devices, the XROS 4, XROS 4 mini, and the LUXE X2, representing DELICIU’s wide compatibility in MTL devices that disposable users are more familiar with. Powered by VAPORESSO, DELICIU is crafted with ingredients from natural extraction technology to reliably deliver authentic and vibrant flavours like no others before. Users will experience increased vapour volume, and enhanced sweetness and flavours.

DELICIU's pioneering formulation is designed to be more coil-friendly, preventing the burnt taste often associated with other e-liquids, ensuring a longer-lasting and smoother experience. In addition, all components of the formulation are from top quality suppliers with our customers in mind. The flavour ingredients are food grade quality, complying with FEMA, JECFA, and COE, while the PG and VG are from world’s top renowned suppliers such as Procter & Gamble and DOW.

Developed by the same expert team behind VAPORESSO's XROS series, DELICIU undergoes rigorous testing to match perfectly with the XROS series' prime temperature zone, promising an unmatched vaping experience.

The newly launched XROS 4 and XROS 4 mini are the ideal companions for DELICIU, highlighting the COREX 2.0 technology. This upgraded pod system delivers 30% more aroma, a longer lifespan, and 15% bigger vapour production, enhancing the overall vaping experience. With the ability to tailor output modes and airflow, the XROS 4 series puts personalized vaping at the forefront.
As discussions around the ban on disposables gain momentum across Europe, VAPORESSO's introduction of DELICIU and its latest devices at the Vaper Expo UK marks a pivotal moment in the vaping industry. This move not only showcases VAPORESSO's commitment to innovation and quality but also its dedication to sustainability and addressing public well-being concerns. The future of vaping is here, and it's greener, cleaner, and more flavourful than ever.