IBVTA Participates in New ‘Vaping Demystified’ Short Movie

The Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) is among the group of vaping experts featured in new a short film about vaping which was commissioned by Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Produced by Eskimosoup Ltd and Storyboard Media Ltd, the short investigative movie takes a closer look at the myths and misconceptions surrounding vaping, with the aim of providing smokers with the information needed to make an informed decisions about using vaping products.

“Smoking is Yorkshire’s leading cause of preventable cancer and is responsible for over 4500 new cases each year. The film forms part of a wider campaign of awareness of vaping, in an aim to help reduce Yorkshire’s leading cause of early death. The campaign includes a myth buster, Yorkshire Cancer Research’s position statement on vaping, and advice and information for smokers,” read a release by the IBVTA.

The movie asks whether misconceptions about vapes are feeding local smoking rates
The movie was launched on March 10th, alongside a Yorkshire Cancer Research panel discussion on No Smoking Day. Vaping Demystified asks whether misconceptions surrounding vaping products are preventing Yorkshire’s greatest opportunity to reduce the region’s smoking-related cancers.

“Panellists include:

·Dr Kathryn Scott; Chief Executive at Yorkshire Cancer Research
·Dr Sharon Cox; Senior Researcher at University College London (UCL)
·Liam Humberstone; Engagement and Stewardship Lead at the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA)
·Michelle Havill; Senior Program Manager at Public Health England (PHE)

The film will be made available on the campaign webpage vapingdemystified.org.uk.
The contributors to the film are:

·Dr Kathryn Scott; Chief Executive, Yorkshire Cancer Research
·Dr Stuart Griffiths; Director of Research & Services, Yorkshire Cancer Research
·Paul Lambert; Head of Services, Yorkshire Cancer Research
·Dr Sharon Cox; Senior Researcher, University College London
·Dr Amir Khan; GP at The Ridge Medical Practice, Bradford
·Professor Matthew Callister; Consultant Respiratory Physician, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
·Martin Dockrell; Tobacco Control Lead, Public Health England
·Liam Humberstone; Engagement and Stewardship Lead, IBVTA
·Louise Ross; Cessation Specialist and Vice Chair of New Nicotine Alliance
·Clive Bates; Former Director, Action on Smoking and Health
·Mike Sugden; Ex-smoker”

The movie launch coincided with the release of the PHE report
IBVTA Chief Executive, Gillian Golden, said that given the recent release of the PHE report, the timing of the movie couldn’t be better. ‘’The IBVTA is extremely proud to contribute to the greater understanding of the opportunity that vaping represents to public health across Yorkshire. Especially coming so soon after the publication of PHE’s seventh evidence report, which found that although vaping was better than NRT for quitting smoking, misunderstanding about e-cigarettes was preventing more smokers making the switch. We hope the film and campaign are a huge success and more smokers across Yorkshire will have the confidence to give vaping a try.’’