IBVTA Calls On Political Parties To Consider Responsible Vaping Manifesto

The manifesto presents 6 "key asks" to help inform the government on their tobacco and vapes policies.

The IBVTA has released a ‘Responsible Vaping Manifesto’ with the vision of working with the next elected Government on upcoming vaping regulations.

The Independent British Vape Association wants to ensure new laws don’t impact vaping as a cessation tool, whilst achieving the shared objective of reducing youth vaping.

Marcus Saxton, IBVTA Chair and TECC CEO said:
“At such a pivotal point in the run up to the general election, the IBVTA has taken the opportunity to outline our own vaping manifesto. It outlines our ‘key asks’ informed by our own industry expertise and research to help inform and shape any incoming government’s own policy and goals.

At this key time in the political calendar, we believe that our up-to-date industry expertise, research and knowledge can be of material value to informing future policy and proportionate regulation and ensuring societal gain. ”

Lets Explore The IBVTA Manifesto
The Responsible Vaping Manifesto sets out 6 “asks” to help inform and shape the potential laws.

1. Vaping Must Be Treated Differently From Smoking
Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable deaths in the UK. Each year in the UK around 80,000 people die from smoking. Regulations will play a vital role in youth protection against smoking and vaping. However, the potential ban on flavours and single use devices has the possibility of negatively affecting ex-smokers.

Research by the University of Bristol found that 14% of quitters who vape will quit the habit and return to smoking if the UK Government places restrictions on e-liquids.

2. Potential Health Benefits Must Be Recognised and Embraced
The IBVTA recognises issues surrounding never smokers and young people picking up the habit of vaping. However, the body argues laws shouldn’t be put in place at the expense of adult quitters.

3. Flavours Are Vitally Important To Adults
Flavour variety is important to vapers. The IBTVA argue the assumption attractive flavours are unnecessary is extremely harmful.
Research conducted by Evapo found that 71% of their customers over the age of 45 use fruit and dessert flavours.

4. Regulation Of Single Use Vapes Must Align With Public Health
IBVTA believe banning single-use devices will not solve issues without the consideration of consumers and the illicit market.
Disposable prohibition is a huge issue that could escalate rapidly. Statistics from Nielsen IQ state that over 80% of the legitimate market is single use devices.

5. The Illicit Vape Market Can Only Be Challenged With A Radical Rethink In Policy
Illicit devices make up a third of the vape market. The devices are unregulated, often untested, and pose a severe threat of harm to users. The IBVTA support the proposed Government crackdown on illicit retailers and believes there should be stronger legislation threatening those who sell irresponsible devices.

6. The Tax Burden On Vapes Should Balance Relative Harm To Smoking
The IBTVA supports a flat rate tax duty used in many other European countries. This would see a flat rate tax placed across all nicotine strengths. The current HMRC proposal will increase the tax on products with higher amounts of nicotine.

What happens next?
This manifesto is simply the IBVTA offering guidance to the newly elected government. On the 4th of July, a new or returning Prime Minister will be elected. Until then laws will remain up in the air.