Hyde Mag V.S Hyde ID - Which Disposable Vape Pen Would You Prefer

Hyde Mag V.S Hyde ID, Which Disposable Vape Pen Would You Prefer
Most people prefer vaping because vaping is less harmful and cheaper than smoking cigarettes. The Hyde brand offers you straightforward and comfortable usage. Disposable vapes from Hyde are prefilled with E-liquid juice with some flavorings, starring advanced features and elementary packing. Hyde Mag and Hyde ID are trending vapes, so let’s see the differences between them.

Hyde Mag V.S Hyde ID
Hyde Mag vape pen is a smoke vape pen. Hyde Mag design with ergonomic design provides 500mAh battery capacity, but Hyde ID vape comes with 650mAh battery capacity that supports your more vaping. Both vapes are designed to grip in your hands easily, and both vapes provide you 4500 puffs with your dreamy flavors and mix-up of some herbs. Let’s see more details about them.

Best Flavor Of Hyde Mag And Hyde ID Vape
The most delicious and favorite flavor of Hyde Mag is Sweet mixed fruity candy means rainbow flavor. Hyde ID vape has many tasty flavors like lemon cookies, strawberry blackberry lemonade, and peach lemon. It depends on your preference to choose your favorite.

How Many Days Do They Last?
Hyde Mag vape and Hyde ID vape provide more puffs and cover your complete day. And their 4500 puffs may last over 20 days. When you are walking in your home and away from home, this small comfortable device fits in your hands and provides you with a refreshable vape. Its colors and flavors give you relief from any stress.

What Does Hyde Mag Vape Do?
The Hyde Mag device has 10mL E-liquid vape juice that provides you a higher count of puffs in your spare time, but the Hyde ID vape provides long timing battery power with 50mg of nicotine.

Appearance Difference Of Them
Hyde ID vape is a small box-style cylinder, and its exterior shape is so cool due to its color combinations, and fire-like mouthpiece fit on your mouth during your vaping. And Hyde Smoke Mag is a look-alike pen but is thick in shape. Its Node type design is fit in your palm.

How To Choose Between Them?
Its specific vape devices are dependent on you and your choice. When you are first time buying any vaping device so, be careful about that not using both vaping one time like smoking and Hyde vape, but Hyde vape is best than smoking. For those people who need want thicker clouds, the Hyde vape Mag and Hyde ID are good and satisfying. When you vape this disposable pen during walking, it feels effortless to use. And you can enjoy fruity flavors clean and without any harmful plastic smell and burnt taste. They offer fruit flavors and make your tired day joyful.

How Many Flavor Options Are In Hyde Mag Vape And Hyde ID Vape?
A maximum of 22 flavors are in Hyde Mag vape, and more than 21 flavors bud present in Hyde ID vape. A maximum of 22 flavors are in Hyde Mag vape, and more than 21 flavors bud present in Hyde ID vape. Its all flavors provide fruity vaping. When your try one flavor, it increases your wish to try more other flavors.

Name of Hyde Vape Flavors

·Honey Dew
· Wild Golden Apple
·  Strawberries & Cream
· Pineapple Peach Mango
· Raspberry Watermelon
· Cherry Lemonade
·Aloe Grape
·Strawberry Kiwi

How Long Should You Vape At A Time?
The general rule is to wait 10 to 15 seconds before puffing again. But this is for those people who try to leave smoking, and 10 seconds is not a long time for a better experience.

How To Charge A Hyde Vape Device?
It depends on the vape device; for sure, you are using a rechargeable vape device. A small Micro USB is used in mostly Hyde vape like Hyde ID vape. But USB is not considered in Hyde vape packing.

How Use Hyde Vape?
The use of Hyde is so simple, and no need for any screw and any chamber fill up. They are already filled with e-liquid. But you pick in your hands and inhale and enjoy.

To Wrap Up: I Like Hyde Mag More
All Hyde vape designs different structures and features; they contain a solid body and work together with the more vaping experience. I have to say it depends on you what kind of Hyde vape chooses for your delicate flavors. Hyde Mag V.S Hyde ID, Both of them offer higher puffs and increase your flavors vapors clouds. They all come with a non-refillable body and a micro USB, but some of them are rechargeable. The exterior of the Hyde ID disposable vape is look-alike a small box shape and is pretty cool. On the other hand, Hyde Mag is irregularly designed, and I think it's more eye-catching. So, I definitely choose Hyde Mag for my preferences.