How to Vape: The Simple, Straightforward Vaping Guide for Beginners

Smoking may be the world’s most unhealthy legal activity, but one thing you can say about it is that it definitely isn’t hard to do. Once you’ve lit a cigarette, it pretty much smokes itself. All that you need to do is inhale, and you can figure out how to do that pretty quickly. Learning how to vape, though, isn’t quite as straightforward. That’s because, unlike cigarettes, vaping devices aren’t all fundamentally the same as one another. The cigarette industry doesn’t have users of different skill levels. It doesn’t have one segment for beginners and another for experts.

In New Zealand and many other parts of the world, vaping is still in its infancy. You may not have a friend who already vapes and can walk you through the beginning stages, and that’s why we’re here. Are you ready to learn how to vape? This is your simple beginner’s vaping guide.

How to Buy the Right Vaping Device
If you haven’t already purchased your first e-cigarette, the pod vape starter kits section of our website is where you want to look. Each starter kit is a single package that includes everything you need to begin vaping right away. A pod vape starter kit includes a battery, a charging cable or cradle and at least one e-liquid pod.
JUUL  is the world’s most popular vaping device, so you definitely can’t go wrong if that’s the device that you ultimately decide to buy. Don’t buy that device by default just because of its popularity, though; take the time to read the specifications and flavour descriptions for the other devices as well. The fact that other vaping devices cost less than JUUL doesn’t mean that those devices are inferior; the popularity of the JUUL vaping system simply means that the manufacturer can charge higher prices.
Regardless of which vaping device you ultimately choose, we strongly recommend adding some extra pods to your cart before checking out. A single pod only provides enough e-liquid for about one day of vaping. If you buy a starter kit that includes two pods, you’ll need to buy more pods after just two days. You’ll enjoy your transition to vaping much more if you don’t have to think about buying more pods for a while.
How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength
Many pod vaping systems have pods available in at least two nicotine strengths. JUUL pods, for example, are available from Premium Vape in nicotine strengths of 5%, 3% and 1.8%. In general, we suggest choosing the highest available nicotine strength for your device if you’re currently a full-time smoker who consumes around a pack of cigarettes per day. If you smoke half a pack of cigarettes or less per day, you might want to choose a lower nicotine strength. The 5% nicotine strength, however, delivers about as much nicotine per puff as a tobacco cigarette, so it’s usually the best nicotine strength for a smoker. Our article about choosing the right nicotine strength provides additional information.
How can you tell if the nicotine strength you’re using is right for you? Just pay attention to what your body tells you.
• If your nicotine strength is too high, you won’t enjoy vaping because you’ll find the vapor difficult to inhale due to an unpleasant harshness in the throat.
• If your nicotine strength is too low, you won’t enjoy vaping because you’ll feel like you aren’t getting any nicotine. Your cravings for cigarettes will remain strong, and you’ll probably use more than one e-liquid pod per day. One pod per day is usually sufficient if you’re using the right nicotine strength for your needs.
How to Use Your First E-Cigarette
The e-cigarettes in the pod vape starter kits section of our website are selected specially because they’re so easy for beginners to use. Inside the package, you’ll find a battery, a charging dock or cable and at least one pod.
The first thing that you’ll need to do is charge the battery. Connect the charger to your battery and to one of your computer’s USB ports. The indicator light on the battery will change to show that the charging cycle has begun. When the light changes colour or turns off, the charge cycle is complete. Remove the battery from the charger and push a pod into the top of the battery.
The e-liquid pod doubles as the e-cigarette’s mouthpiece. To vape, puff on the mouthpiece as if you’re puffing on a cigarette. The battery has an airflow sensor and generates vapour automatically when you inhale. We’ll provide more specific information about how to inhale correctly in a moment.
Your pod system has an indicator light that shows the current battery charge status, and it has a window that lets you see how much e-liquid remains in the pod. If your device loses its flavour or stops producing vapour, check those two things to determine what you need to do. Either it’s time for you to charge the battery, or you need to replace the pod. With most pod systems, a full pod and fully charged battery are enough to keep you vaping all day.
How to Vape Properly
One of the most important things you need to know to ensure that your first experience with vaping is a good one is how to inhale properly. When you vape, you should never puff as firmly as you might puff on a tobacco cigarette. That’s because using too much air pressure could send e-liquid through the pod’s centre air tube and into your mouth.
When you puff on your e-cigarette for the first time, start by using almost no air pressure. Increase the pressure gradually until the battery’s indicator light turns on. That’s the amount of air pressure you should use when vaping. If you want to get bigger vapour clouds, simply puff more deeply. Using more air pressure will not make your device generate more vapour. Using gentle, even pressure is the best way to get the biggest, most satisfying clouds with your device.