How To Use Shatter in A Vape Pen?

How To Use Concentrates in A Wax Vape Pen or Dab Pen?
It can be quite confusing for a lot of people to understand how they can vape shatter using a dab or wax pen. This guide would tell you everything that you need to know about this. Vaping shatter, crumble, or wax would no longer be a problem once you read this guide.
With the popularity that cannabis products have acquired in recent times, it is hardly surprising that there are many new options that consumers now have with regards to a portable vaporizer. For instance, those who prefer dry herbs have more choices than to opt for blunts or glass pipes. They can opt for one of the many portable vaporizers available on the market and find out what works best for them.
Shatter, and wax concentrates are not far behind. The market has witnessed a revolution with regards to how these products can be consumed. Users now have the opportunity of enjoying a unique vaping experience using the exciting new products that are currently available such as shatter pen, wax pens, and dab pens.

What is shatter?
Also referred to as shatter wax, shatter is a translucent concentrate that resembles rock candy and Jolly Rancher to a large extent. The concentrate can occasionally be transparent, as well. Similar to other concentrates made from butane, this one is also manufactured when the chemical is forced through the cannabis material, producing an amber liquid.
The amber liquid turns into shatter as it solidifies after being left to cool. It has the consistency of thin peanut brittle.
The transparency of shatter can be attributed to the temperature that is maintained during extraction and finishing. Other variables also have a role to play. All this can better be explained by cumbersome chemical terminologies.
Simply put, try to view BHO molecules as Lego blocks. In the case of shatter, these blocks are stacked neatly, on top of one another kind of like a wall has been built. It is this molecular alignment that ensures that light can pass through shatter, and it also gives the concentrate its brittle texture.

What is wax?
Wax is another concentrate like shatter. However, quite a lot of differences are present between these two substances.
The consistency of wax is like coconut oil. This BHO concentrate has looks similar to ear wax. Not unlike shatter, the wax is also produced from butane extraction and is initially an amber liquid.
This extracted oil is then heated differently so that an opaque material is produced. Its constancy can vary from being similar to peanut butter to ear wax or even honeycomb.
Keeping all technical stuff aside, let us try to explain this to you with the same Lego Block analogy. As we mentioned, in the case of shatter, the Lego blocks are stacked in rows. In wax, the blocks are jumbled together messily.
The Lego blocks are not organized properly and go every which way. As a result, the concentrate does not allow light to pass through it. It is opaque with the consistency of coconut oil. Perhaps these descriptions have been over-simplified, but they do a fair job of giving you some idea about the molecular chemistry of these concentrates.

Differences between shatter and wax
Since shatter and wax, both are BHO concentrates with more or less the same potency of THC. Both are used in dabbing. Both of them are capable of providing long-lasting and potent high. The significant difference between them is appearance. They appear difference owing to their production process.
Furthermore, there are some storage differences and uses that you need to keep in mind.
·Since shatter is somewhat finicky, its production can be a bit difficult.
·Production of wax is easier since you are not required to be as careful.
·Shatter lasts longer and is more stable
·Degradation of wax is faster as it is less stable
·Handling shatter can be hard. You will find it difficult to measure and use owing to its brittle texture.
·Handling, measuring, and using wax is easy since it has the consistency of coconut oil.

The traditional method of vaping shatter
How to vape shatter? How to use shatter? These are some valid questions that people might have.
This is one of those things that might be intimidating and unknown even to most experienced cannabis users. Considering the popularity of concentrates, it is expected that vaping concentrates, including shatter, is one of those trends that is unlikely to fade away with time. Thus, it is natural that new and easier methods would be devised for consuming them.

Let us now take a look at some traditional methods via which shatter is consumed.
·Water pipe: you can buy the rigs separately or as part of some attachments wherein they would turn your regular dry herb tool into a functional dab rig.
·E-nail: it is manufactured from quartz, titanium, or ceramic.
·Dome: also called bowl, this one is used for housing concentrates after they are heated.
·Blow torch: they are camper torches smaller in size owing to their price point.
·Dab tool: it is a long glass or metal tool, used for applying dab into the rig after it is heated.
Compact and portable vaping devices are now being introduced into the market with the development of the vaping industry. The vape pen is among the most popular devices. You currently have the option of using a shatter vape pen for consuming shatter. The upcoming content will tell you everything that you need to know about vaping shatter using shatter vape pens.

·Step 1: selecting the Concentrate
The popularity of shatter vape pens has more to do with their versatility that just the smoking experience that they offer.
All that you need to do is ensure that the right atomizer is selected, which is suitable for the substance you wish to smoke. A shatter wax vape pen is a highly versatile tool that can be used for any concentrate or dry herb with ease.
The question which now comes up is that why would you opt for a shatter considering all the options that you have. This is because producing clear and stable shatter needs technical skills that are much than the standard butane hash oil. To summarize, shatters are among the most technical and beautiful concentrates you will find on the market.

·Step 2: Load the Chamber
After you have selected the shatter you want to use, the next step is loading up. You will find an open space for concentrates along with atomizer coils when the chamber of the vape pen is opened. Scrap a bit of shatter onto the end of dabber using a dabbing tool. This is then scraped off into the chamber. Refrain from touching the concentrate with your fingers since the cannabis is quite delicate and can be damaged owing to this. Make sure that you do not touch the inner heating element as well since it damages easily, as well.

·Step 3: Prime the Chamber Before Taking a Hit
You can easily close the chamber and proceed to taking a hit instantly. However, most people prefer priming the wick before. This technique is for those who are looking for a more potent vaping experience. More clouds of vapor are produced owing ton this. Once you close the chamber, hold the button down for a bit of time. This primes the wick and melts the shatter into the bottom. The melted shatter surrounds the heating element in your device.

·Step 4: The First Inhale
The heating coil is heated up by pressing the button down. You can then take a long pull of the mouthpiece and enjoy the delicious taste. If you are up for some technical stuff, you can change the heat settings of your vape pen. The low temperature will provide you with tasty and smooth inhales. Higher temperature offers harsh vapor with more powerful pull. The suitable temperature for you also depends on the shatter you use. At the end of the day, your smoking experience depends completely on your preference.

When and how do you clean out the vape pen after vaping shatter?
Eventually, you will need to deal with the sticky vape pen with a clogged up coil.
The time has come to clean out your device. Dismantling the mouthpiece, battery, and chamber from one another is the first thing that you need to do. Cleaning the mouthpiece is relatively easy. You simply have to wipe it using a sanitizing wipe. The chamber is a bit more challenging since it contains the heating element, which is quite sensitive. You can use a Q-tip and dip it in alcohol. Insert it into the chamber and wipe it around, making sure that all the dark residue inside the tank is picked up.
Make sure that excessive pressure is not exerted on the coil since the coil might get damaged irreversibly.