How To Use Less E-liquid-Reduce how much e-liquid you go through and save!

Trying to cut down on the amount of e-liquid you’re going through? in this blog we will offer some quick tips on how to use less e-liquid. Whether you’re a new or experienced vaper, this list will provide some useful information to help you vape more efficiently.

Make sure your tank isn’t leaking
Leaky tanks are very common when vaping. Even if the tank is securely fastened there are other ways the liquid can escape. The most common cause is from overfilling it. To resolve this make sure to fill the tank at an angle. This will prevent it from filling all the way to the top while also stopping any air bubbles from forming. Another reason the tank may be leaking is because of damage. If you spot any cracks it is best to invest in a new one.

Increase the nicotine strength
Vaping is designed to deliver nicotine. The amount required varies so the strength of the liquid is important. If you find yourself constantly vaping then you should increase the strength.

Picking the right strength depends on how often you vape and what technique you use. Sub ohm vapers should stick to a low nicotine strength as they will go through more e-liquid. Whereas MTL vapers go for a high strength liquid but use less of it. By upping the strength of your current liquid you wont need as much to get your nicotine fix.

Lower your power settings
This leads us onto our next tip. When switching to a higher strength you will need to lower the power setting. This is because high strength liquid will be too harsh at high power settings.

By switching to a lower output wattage the amount of e-liquid you go through will decrease. However, you wont produce as much vapour. Play around with the settings to find the right balance so you can reduce how much e-liquid you go through while still getting a quality draw.