How To Use A Vape Pen

It seems that vaping is now more popular than ever before. Many see it as a cleaner and viable alternative to traditional smoking because of odor-free finish and tasty flavors. Additionally, it is considered more fashionable and healthier than smoking.
Vape devices were unheard of just a few years ago. Today, a rising number of people turn to vape pens and other vaporizers to enjoy their favorite herbs either in dry or liquid form as well. Due to the increased demand for vaporizers, there is an abundance of vape devices on the market these days.
Vape pens have made a big step forward from the earliest e-cigarettes which literally looked like cigarettes. They are very popular with cannabis consumers, who use vape pens to consume cannabis concentrates. Most people use them to vape THC or CBD oils, however, these pens can also be used for a variety of dry herbs and e-liquid flavours. 
As a beginner, you will notice so much different advice, which can be quite overwhelming. In this guide, you can familiarize yourself with vape pens and learn how they work, among other things. If you’re new to smoking concentrates or pot, this is a good opportunity to learn how to do it properly. So, let’s go for a ride!

What is Vaping
As you discover different methods of experiencing dry herbs or concentrates, you’re likely to encounter vaping at some point in your life. Once you try it out, vaping will probably become your preferred way of consuming herbs or concentrates. What makes vaping so awesome and what is it?
Vaping is heating and inhaling a non-nicotine or nicotine material (e-liquid, botanical extract, dry herb, etc.) in vapor form using an electronic heating device. A device that creates vapor is referred to as a vaporizer or simply vape. It is meant to heat up concentrated oils or dry herbs to a lower temperature without burning them.
Once the vaping material has reached its respective vaporization point, it will be transformed into a pure vapor without any combustion or ‘burning’ involved. The active compounds are released as an inhalable vapor that can be inhaled. Many adults find that it offers a high level of efficiency, convenience, discreetness, and safety.
This lung-friendly consumption of botanical materials is favored by health-conscious smokers because it allows them to inhale a variety of botanical compounds without exposing their lungs to the same harmful toxins in cigarettes.
When you’re inhaling the vapor, these compounds enter your bloodstream and elicit different effects by interacting with your body’s systems. If you want to continue experiencing the natural herb effects and avoid the adverse effects of smoking, vaping can be a good choice. 
Unlike traditional smoking, when used properly and in accordance with the instructions given, to date regulated vaporizers are not shown to produce:
·Carbon monoxide
·Carcinogen ns
·Respiratory irritants
·Particulate matter

What Is a Vape?
Despite the fact that vaporizers have been on the market for a while, many people still don’t know what's in a vape. Does it contain toxic heavy metals and cancer-causing substances? As a beginner to vaporizers and vaping, you will want to know what you actually inhale and it’s okay to be cautious. 
This will depend mostly on what type of material you use. The most commonly used vaping materials are vape liquids, dry herbs, and concentrates. Generally speaking, e-liquids consist of 3 main components: solvents, flavors, and sweeteners. 
Solvents play a role in dissolving either marijuana-derived or nicotine compounds (like CBD or THC). The most common solvents in vapes are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Sweeteners usually include ethyl maltol and sucralose. All of these ingredients are considered to be safe.
Nevertheless, new vapers are usually concerned about potential risks and downsides. Let’s face it. Nothing is perfect in this world. Vaping has some disadvantages in comparison with conventional consumption methods, such as:
·It requires some extra setup time, especially when dealing with dry herbs.
·You need to wait for your vaporizer to heat up before using it.
·It’s necessary to clean your vaporizer after every use in order to keep it in good working condition.
·Vaporizers need some kind of power source to operate. Vaping involves some initial costs, as you need to purchase the required equipment.
Despite these disadvantages, vaping is considered to be one of the safest ways to consume botanical materials. So, you can rest assured that there are no byproducts in a vape.

How to Vape Properly
If you have just stepped into the vaping world, you are likely to be confused about where to start.  First things first, you need to get a vape device – be it a vape pen, e-cig or pod mod. Make sure a vaporizer supports your vaping material. If you are the kind of person who likes to combine different things, then your best bet is to go for a multi-compatible vaporizer that works with various materials. 
Once you have purchased basic starter kits and chosen the right vaping material, you will be ready to start vaping. It’s really easy if you know how to do it right. All you need to do is press the button and inhale. What's more, pressing the fire button is not always necessary. As you may assume, there are some steps in between. Let’s check them out.
·Turn on a vape - Press the fire button several times after doing a preliminary check. You should check if there is juice/dry herd in the tank, as well as if it's assembled properly and whether the battery is full.
·Adjust the power if possible – New vape devices allow for firing wattage setting. Begin with a lower setting (20-30 watts) and increase it slowly.
·Enjoy inhaling - Gently put the mouthpiece in your mouth. Then inhale vapor while pressing and holding the fire button all the time. Start with shorter puffs until you become accustomed to the vaping sensation. 
·Cleaning and maintenance - It is critical to keep your vaporizer clean. While some people clean their vape gear once a week, you are advised to do it each time you use a new vape juice. Pay special attention to the tank.

How to Inhale Vape Properly
There’s nothing wrong with inhaling your own way. However, it’s important to inhale correctly when vaping for the first time. This will have a great effect on your vaping experience.
Your experience will depend on the feeling you are trying to achieve, what you’re doing with the vapor, and how you vape. So, it is worth working with it for a while. The ideal technique will also depend on the vape you’re using. 
Some people prefer cigar puff. Basically, it is the same way you smoke a cigar. Simply inhale the vape into the lungs and puff at it. While technically it’s not real inhaling, this works with both low-power and high-power vape devices. 
However, if you are serious about vaping and want to do it like a pro, then go for any of the methods explained below.

Methods for Inhaling Vape

You need to choose between direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung inhalation technique based on your preferences and vaping style.
Mouth-To-Lung (M2L) Method
This technique works best for smaller vapes coming with a high resistance coil. Regardless of the size of your vape device, it should look like inhaling the air through a tight straw when taking a drag. Such a draw will make the low vapor, ‘hitting’ your throat in a similar way as smoking.
·Draw vapor slowly for several seconds
·Hold it for two seconds (do it with your mouth closed)
·Open your mouth and inhale vapor to the lungs
·Exhale slowly
The benefits of M2L are better flavor and cooler vape. Besides, it tends to use less e-liquid. On the other hand, it may feel and look a bit outdated. While the hit is smooth, many vapers find it less satisfying.

Direct-To-Lung (D2L) Method
Compared to M2L, this style of vaping is more intense because it produces a harsher hit.
 It’s more suitable for large vapes that feature low resistance coils. 
The D2L inhaling technique requires a rebuildable atomizer or mod with a sub-ohm vape tank. The draw you get this way feels like a bong smooth hit. 
It is very simple. Here’s what you need to do:
·Draw vapor quickly so that it gets to your lungs directly
·Exhale it immediately
 If you prefer a strong throat hit with a lot of clouds, this could be an ideal technique for you.
Some basic knowledge is required, so it is not suitable for most beginners. By the way, you will get less flavor with this method. The choice is yours!

How to Use a Vape Pen Properly
Even though using a vape pen is a no-brainer, there are some things to consider in order to do it right. Here’s how to use it properly.
Check the manual: It is always a good idea to get familiar with the product functions and components. Perhaps the best place to get all the info you need is the user manual. Take the time to read through it. That will help you avoid potential errors or complications.
Power it up: Once you have scrutinized the manual, you will need to check the power source - batteries. Charge them using the charger provided by your vendor. It is extremely important to use a specific charger to avoid electrical mishaps. If the batteries are incompatible with the charger, they can blow up. Remember that it will take some time for the batteries to power up. Most chargers come with an indication that tells when your battery is fully charged. Keep an eye on it from time to time.
Prime your vape pen: By conducting a test run of your pen with no vaping material in it, you can reduce harmful materials that accompany the vape pen. They may occur during production and can pose a health risk. Priming can prevent you from inhaling these materials. Needless to say, you should do it only for the very first time.
Load the tank: Except for the prefilled pens, it will be necessary to fill up the chamber before starting to use your vaporizer. There are various filing methods. Choose the one that best suits the model of your pen.
Vape away: Open your pen and make a few clicks before pressing the fire button. While most models will automatically heat up while you’re inhaling, others may require pushing the button to turn on.

How a Vape Pen Works
The working principle of cannabis and nicotine vape devices is pretty much the same. By heating up the active ingredients in the vaping material, these compounds get aerosolized without triggering the process of combustion. This allows the vaping material to convert into a pure vapor. 
The vape pens keep oil or dry herb at a certain temperature (it’s controlled all the while) using an electrical current from a battery-powered heating element. This temperature can be anywhere from 360 to 410°F. It causes the cannabinoids (such as psychoactive THC), terpenes, as well as other plant compounds, to volatilize and turn into a cannabinoid-rich vapor.
To help you get a better understanding of how vape pens work, we will take a closer look at their main components.
·Cartridge or tank: While the cartridges are designed for single-use, a tank is refillable and it usually holds the e-juices. Sometimes it makes a single unit with the atomizer. Most vape pens come with plastic tanks, but stainless steel and glass tanks are also available.
·Atomizer: This tiny heater is located inside a pen and it converts e-juice into small airborne droplets. That’s actually what you inhale. Its fancier version is called cartomizer, but it's basically the same thing.
·Sensors: Some vape pens are designed to turn on automatically when in use, i.e. when you’re inhaling through them. Others come with a built-in push button that should be pressed to activate the heating element (atomizer). They both use sensors to determine when you’re pushing the button or inhaling, depending on the model.
·Battery: Your vape pen is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power the heater. These batteries feature high energy density, and they come in different variants. The bigger ones can last longer. Yet this depends mostly on how often you vape.

How to Load Your Vape Pen Chamber
Push-button vape pens are equipped with a wax chamber. If you have such a pen, do not collect the wax with fingers when loading the chamber. It will degrade the vape oil by releasing extra wax concentrates. Use a dabber or dab tool to pick it up from the container and load the chamber. 
Open the chamber according to manufacturer instructions with your device off. Then pick up the small amount (around 0.1g) of concentrate or wax, depending on what you intend to use, and place it in the pen chamber. Be careful not to touch the coil when applying the concentrate because it is very delicate. Maybe you will have to finagle your wax/oil a bit if it doesn’t easily come off of a dab tool. The last thing you need to do is power up the vape pen. Before starting to draw, make sure your pen has reached the heating capacity.
Alternatively, you can use pre-filled cartridges to save yourself the hassle of loading and reloading the chamber frequently. These cartridges are quite easy to replace and you’ll not have to replace your concentrates as often. They will let you take about a hundred draws from your vape pen before getting depleted.

How to Travel with Your Vape Pen
One of the top concerns of regular vapers is how to travel with vaping gear. Just like e-cigarettes and other vaporizers, a vape pen is only allowed in a carry-on bag. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to bring it in a checked bag. When travelling by plane, you will be required to remove your vaping gear from your bag and kept it in the aircraft cabin. Aside from that, you will also have to familiarize yourself with the procedures and comply with some regulations to avoid running into problems.
What happens when passing through security? The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regards vape mods and pens as a potential security threat, so you may be required to prove that your device is not an explosive. Make sure your vape pen is charged because you might be asked to turn it on.
What about vaping materials? Any liquids, including e-liquids, are limited to 100 millilitres (3.4 ounces) by the TSA rules. When it comes to CBD oils, they are legal in the US, so you won’t have any problem with them as long as you don’t travel out of the states. Be sure to check the laws concerning CBD and vaporizing that apply in the particular country you’re travelling to.
Can I vape in an airport while waiting to fly? Vaping in airports isn’t regulated by federal law. Nevertheless, it is forbidden in restrooms and airport terminals. Even though most people who break this rule are never get caught, you are not advised to risk anything. The last thing you want is to be ejected from the airport and miss your flight.

Vape Pen Storage and Accessories
Basically, storing a vape pen properly involves keeping it safe and away from heat as well as bright light. This will help you extend the lifespan of your cartridges and vape pen too. That said, you should store cartridges in a dry, cool place keeping them upright so that the mouthpiece is facing down. Otherwise, your device will be prone to leakage and you may run out of e-liquid. Provide adequate protection from sun exposure to prevent the oil from evaporating.
Most vape pens are offered along with a storage case that keeps both the cartridge and device protected. It’s best to store your vape gear in the manufacturer's case, whether in your bag or at home. Some storage cases are designed to fit in a pocket as well. A vape pen is very fragile, so storing it in a pocket without a case puts it at risk of shattering. If you are looking for a vape case, there will be two options to choose from: hard- and soft-sided cases. the hard-side models provide better insulation and protection at the expense of heftiness and weight. Soft-sided vape cases are lightweight and easy to travel with, but they do not provide excellent protection. 
In addition to the vape case, you may also need an airtight container for your smoking or wax dabs. A dabber and silicone mats will also come in handy when gathering the wax. Many vapers use multi-purpose kits because they allow them to store all the accessories they need for vaping. For instance, they can be used for wax concentrates, e-liquids, dry herb, etc. This is a good solution for cannabis beginners and budget-minded customers.

Vape pens are growing in popularity in the weed world thanks to their portability and affordability. Furthermore, these vape devices are easy to manage because of their straightforward systems and components. They work with a variety of vape materials, including concentrates, vax, and dry herb.
Getting the most out of a vape pen requires proper and regular care. This involves cleaning the threads, using a vape case, as well as keeping the pen out of bright light and extreme temperatures. You also need to keep your coil fresh and make sure the battery is charged before using a pen. When it comes to new devices, don’t forget to fill the tank and conduct a test run. If you are using a dab or wax pen, avoid overloading it in order to prevent clogging or leaking.
All in all, vape pens are considered to be a good choice for those who are new to vaporizers and vaping. These devices are also great for experienced vaping aficionados who want to enjoy oils, dry herbs, or waxes with ease. They allow them to consume their cannabis-based materials in a discreet, easy manner that is much healthier than any traditional smoking method.