How to reduce the cost of vaping

It’s always good to save money. You will already have saved a considerable amount by switching from smoking to vaping. At the time of writing, a pack of 20 cigarettes will cost you, on average, a toe-curling £12.70. E liquids cost as little as 99p for 10ml. That little bottle will deliver puffs and nicotine equivalent to roughly five packs of ciggies!

Even after you have turned to vaping, there are several ways to minimise your costs. Here’s our guide to saving more than a few pennies on your vaping journey. You can vape for less without limiting your enjoyment of your juice!

Are cheap e liquids worth trying?
It’s tempting to think that cheap e-liquids will be of poor quality. You might also be thinking that cheaper e liquids could be unsafe. Thankfully, the regulations contained in the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) ensure that all e liquids offered for sale in the UK are safe to vape. Of course, this is providing the juice you have purchased has been registered and is genuine. You can guarantee that it is by purchasing your e-liquids from a reputable retailer.

Our range features cheaper brands which offer vape juice of surprisingly good quality together with a good choice of flavours. You won’t find the complex blends and exciting branding that you would enjoy with the more costly collections. But there’s plenty to please your palate and a choice of nicotine strengths.

How can you save money by buying more?

Could changing your nicotine strength help?
If you find that you are vaping your way through a large volume of eliquid to relieve your cravings, changing your nicotine strength could help. A higher nicotine strength will deliver greater satisfaction with every puff, reducing your need to vape so often. A higher nicotine strength would be particularly beneficial if there are periods of the day when you are stuck in the office or on public transport and are unable to vape.

What about salt nicotine?
Salt nicotine is absorbed more quickly by the body. Many vapers report that this form of nicotine delivers longer lasting relief of their cravings. Choosing eliquid featuring nic salts could see you vaping less and that will reduce the volume of eliquid that you use, saving you money.

Are short fills good value?
In the UK, eliquid containing nicotine must be sold in volumes of 10ml or less. Short fills are larger bottles containing nicotine-free juice. They afford room to add your nicotine shots. With short fills, you are able to buy a larger volume of e liquid in a single bottle. As you would expect, the larger the volume of juice that you buy, the lower the price per millilitre. However, short fills generally feature high VG bases which are unsuitable for low wattage devices. They are useful innovations for sub ohm vapers but won’t help you save money if you have chosen an entry level ecig.

Would mixing your own juice save you money?
Engaging in a little DIY could reduce your costs. You will need to invest in base liquid, flavour concentrates, nicotine shots and bottles. An online eliquid calculator will help you to achieve the correct nicotine strength, base liquid ratio and flavour intensity. Mixing your own juice is relatively straightforward and enables you to create large volumes of your favourite flavours. But time is money and so if you are a busy bee, you might be better off sticking with premixed flavours.

Should you change your device or coils?
If you are looking to save some of your hard-earned cash, there is no point replacing your device until it has reached the end of its useful life. But when you do need to replace it, switching to a lower wattage ecig will reduce both your initial outlay and your future expenditure on eliquids. Sub ohm devices burn through a higher volume of eliquid than low wattage, MTL e-cigs. 

If your existing device is compatible with a variety of coils, try fitting one with a higher resistance to reduce the amount of eliquid you vaporise. Alternatively, switch to mesh coils as these tend to last longer.

Could external batteries reduce your costs?
If you are sure that you wish to stick with sub ohm vaping, it’s a good idea to invest in a mod that is powered by external (removeable) batteries. This will likely be more expensive than a device with an integrated battery. However, once integrated batteries give up the ghost, you need to replace the entire device. External batteries won’t last forever but you can simply replace them when they die rather than having to discard your entire kit. You can expect the performance of a lithium-ion battery to decline rapidly after roughly 180 charges. If you vape heavily, your battery will only last for a few months.

What are the cost implications of pod systems?
Convenience often comes at a high price and prefilled vape pods are no exception. Prefilled pods remove the need to top up or replace your coils but the price you pay per millilitre of juice is high. Refillable pods represent better value and the only sacrifice on the convenience front is the need to top up with eliquid. This type of pod also gives you a much broader choice of flavours and nicotine strengths.

How does taking care of your equipment help?
While eliquids will account for most of the money you spend on vaping, the cost of your equipment is also a significant factor in your total spend. It makes sense to look after your kit in order to lengthen its useful life. Our Batteries and Chargers Guide features advice on prolonging battery life. Cleaning your coils will keep them firing efficiently for longer and you should invest in a vape band to protect the glass in your tank. 

It’s all too easy to lose your electronic cigarette when you are out and about. Try to get into the habit of popping your device into your pocket or bag rather than laying it down anywhere. If you love the great outdoors and are given to dropping your kit, choose a brightly coloured ecig that is easy to see on the ground. You could also consider investing in a device that is waterproof and shock resistant. While this might cost you a little more at the outset, it should prove to be much cheaper in the long run than constantly replacing your device.