How to Properly Store E-Liquid… So It Lasts for Months (or Even Years)

Every bottle of vape juice has a shelf life, and expiration date stamped at the bottom.

In most cases, you should’t worry about it – your bottles of e-liquid probably last you less than that block of cheese in the fridge, so they don’t really have the time to go bad.

However, if you’re buying large quantities you store for a longer time, then e-liquid storage becomes something you need to consider.

When e-liquid goes bad, you’ll know it… because it tastes horrible.

However, to avoid that, here are a few quick and dirty tips on properly storing and keeping your e-juice.

How to properly store vape e-juice – a quick cheat sheet:
1.don’t worry about your day vape bottles – usually, small quantities like these are used up fast and only stay in contact with air for a short period of time. A good place to store them is your pocket or a kitchen cabinet that’s handy – just make sure they’re out of direct sunlight because the effect of UV light is detrimental to many of the organic components inside it.)

2.for short-term vape juice storage (up to a couple of months), dark and dry is best – first thing, consider placing your product in darker shade glass bottles. Then, make sure it’s at room temperature, inside a nice cozy dark cupboard or a similar dark place.

3.for long-term vape juice storage, cold and dark is best – keep your product in the fridge. If you bought in bulk at a clearance sale and the best-by date is approaching fast, you can freeze the juice. This will help it keep longer. Just make sure that your full bottles – if they’re glass – have a bit of air inside so they don’t explode in the freezer. premium vape juice needs special attention – in general, it doesn’t last a long time, and some main ingredients (mostly flavors) break down rapidly. The same is true of fruity flavors, so make sure to pay special attention when storing those (always store them the right way – away from light, moisture, and high temperatures).

5.always keep your vape juice away from children and pets – your short-term and long-term storage need to be in a secure place, especially if you live in a home with small children. Also, all your e-liquid containers need to be child-resistant.

If you want all the details about why your favorite flavors go bad – and how to make them last – keep reading the article!

Why Does E-Juice Go Bad?
Like every other food item, e-juice ages.

It’s why steeping vape juice is a thing – you age it so it matures and develops the right flavor.

However, due to organic ingredients inside e-juice, there’s such a thing as over-aging. And when that happens, e-juice goes bad.

Three things affect the self-life of your e-liquid – heat, light, and air.

They all work to alter the molecules inside.

Over time, these changes result in flavor deterioration. When more time passes, chemical reactions occur that can turn a liquid rancid. This usually happens when we expose it to extreme temperatures or UV light. Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin react – slowly but surely – to this exposure.

On the other hand, air – that is, the oxygen atom – has a detrimental effect on nicotine. When exposed to oxygen, nicotine turns into cotinine, losing potency and color. Over time, most nicotine turns into cotinine. That means you’re not getting value for money since this sub component of nicotine can’t satisfy your needs.

Similar to heat, UV light may speed up the oxidation process by supplying energy to the reaction. This form of light may come from artificial lighting as well as direct sunshine, which will damage your e-liquid before you can enjoy it.

What Happens When E-Liquid Goes Bad?
Short answer – you won’t have a good time if you don’t properly preserve your e-liquid.

The flavor and odor of the e-liquid change as the nicotine or vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol start to spoil. This is easy to spot because the whole thin starts tasting terrible. And the quality of your vaping experience goes way down hil.. The fruity vape liquids are especially susceptible. Unlike other ones, they tend to expire faster.

Luckily, using the best practices designed to increase the shelf life of your e-liquid methods can slow down that process.

Best Ways to Store E-Liquid So It Doesn’t Go Bad
This depends on how long you need to make it stretch. If you order in bulk from vape shops to secure a great e-liquid price (or buying on clearance sales), things change. In this case, you’ll approach storing and keeping vape juice differently than if you’re buying a month’s supply.

Short-term vape juice storage

Short-term storage could be a cupboard, a dedicated vape juice storage box, or any cool place.

In that case, your e-juice can be stored temporarily for a longer period (a few months) but not more than that. The maximum potential of short-term storage (so no freezing involved) is to keep the flavors the same for up to six months.

A general rule of thumb is to keep your e-liquid away from heat, moisture, light, and air in a safe place.

Buying e-liquid in glass bottles is always a good idea. If in plastic bottles, then pour them out into a glass container before safekeeping. Dark glass filters UV light and bottle caps are better at preventing air from coming in. It’s also a good idea to keep your e-liquid on an elevated surface; a cabinet that is placed high up on a shelf is a perfect spot.

Long-term vape juice storage

If you’re looking to keep some of your old stock on hand or wish to have a little extra for rainy days, storing your e-liquid in a cabinet might not be the best place. This method won’t secure the shelf life of e-liquid for long periods of time.

In this case, if you want the juice to last right up to the expiration date, it’s best to keep it in the freezer. Do keep in mind that PG and VG have distinct freezing and cooling temperatures and while they won’t freeze, the flavor might not be as good as it was before. Though, if you notice freezing, best to hold it in plastic containers as glass bottles might break.

Alternatively, if you don’t own a freezer or simply don’t have enough space inside, the back of the refrigerator will work just fine. The fridge has a more stable cold temperature in the back than in the front. And while that might sound like an ideal solution you need to be aware of possible light damage that can happen inside the fridge. Fortunately, tinted larger bottles can help with this issue.

Before use, leave your e-liquid to “rest” a bit and allow it to get to room temperature. After that, shake it thoroughly and enjoy.

Keeping organic liquids fresh
Organic juice is an entirely separate category. It has great potential to go bad faster as it doesn’t have any non-organic substances and chemicals that might extend its lifeline. So they might pose a challenge if you want to store them for a long period of time.

Due to the nature of the organic ingredients, it will lose flavor quickly and can even go rancid. This will completely ruin your vaping experience. So if you’re chasing an all-organic lifestyle and implementing that into your vaping routine, best to keep your liquids in dark glass bottles with the bottle cap on.

Once the seal is broken that’s it, use them quickly.

For best results, keep the bottle in the fridge.

Keeping e-liquid secure and out of reach
Although e-cigarettes are less dangerous than cigarettes, you should still take measures if you live with kids or/and have pets.

Since both pets and children like to chew on things, you should never leave your e-liquids, or any part of your vaping gear for that matter, where your kids or pets can get it.

So, first thing, choose an e liquid storage container that can be firmly closed at any point. If you can get your hands on some glass bottles with tight-fitting lids, use those.

A safe location is a must, for example, a lockable box, but anywhere outside the reach of children is the ideal place.

When filling your bottles, be careful not to spill anything because your pet will first be attracted to the smell of it and could lick the spilled juice, which is bad for their health.

The same goes with the trash, pets can easily sniff that out so be careful to dispose of your empty containers in plastic bags.

3 Major DON’TS of Storing E-Juice
So, to quickly summarize all tips, and what you should avoid by any means to prolong the life of your vape juice.

#1 Never in direct sunlight (UV light)
Just like vampires, your bottles don’t like direct sunlight. UV rays speed up the process of oxidation and you’ll end up with a darker/not-so-good version of your favorite juice. So keep it away from bright lights in the dark. That is, if you want to keep the flavor of the vape juice intact.

#2 Never exposed to oxygen
You don’t want it to breathe. Too much air breaks down nicotine and spoils the flavor.

#3 Never in intense temperature
Same as UV light and air, heat will mess up your liquid; turning it dark and almost flavorless.

The Final Verdict
All vaping materials, including your e-juice bottles, require proper storage. Following these simple rules, you’ll be able to preserve them for months.

With the exception of maybe purchasing glass bottles, all other variables are within your control and won’t add much to your current cost of your e-liquid.

Just make sure the cabinet, freezer, or refrigerator doors are shut or, put them in high cabinets with child-proof bottles. This way, keeping e-liquid bottles fresh won’t be a problem.