Picture the scene: you’ve bought a new vape juice, you’re looking forward to trying a new and exciting-sounding flavor and… you can’t open the bottle.

Vape juice bottles can be notoriously tricky to open, particularly when they have a childproof safety cap, as most do. Many vapers have taken to message boards and online threads to appeal for help in opening their new vape juices, with some even reporting breaking the bottle in the process. But opening a vape juice bottle is actually a really simple process that just requires a little bit of practice. Here is our handy guide to opening a vape juice bottle so you can quickly and easily enjoy your favorite vapes whenever you want.

Most vape juices come in bottles that have child-resistant caps. It is certainly easy to see why such caps are used to make sure children and minors cannot get access to vape juices. Childproof safety caps - like those also used on pharmaceuticals - usually consist of an outer and inner cap. The outer cap needs to have pressure applied to it in order to unlock the inner cap. If you do not get this part right, the cap just continues to spin while creating a clicking sound at the same time.


In 2016, President Obama signed the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act. This required manufacturers of e-liquids containing nicotine to use child-resistant packaging. While not all vape juices contain nicotine, many American manufacturers have adopted these practices on all their e-liquids anyway. The industry had, prior to 2016, begun implementing such measures thanks to consumer demand. These lids are now commonly used by vape liquid manufacturers, such as Cloud Ride E Liquid, including on its popular Chocolate Cake vape juice and its Menthol flavor e-liquid.

1. Ensure your hands and the bottle are dry.

2. Check the edge of the bottle cap to make sure there is no shrink wrap or plastic tags that need breaking first.

3. Hold the bottle in one hand and the lid in your other hand. Press firmly down on the lid.

4. As you push down, twist the bottle lid counter-clockwise.

5. The whole lid should come away from the vape juice bottle.

6. Enjoy your vaping experience.

- It is the downward pressure on the outer part of the childproof lid that creates the traction to open the inner part. If it does not immediately open, try using more or less pressure until you find the right amount. You may need to repeat this step several times until you get the hang of it.

- Some vape juice bottles may contain extra safety packaging, such as shrink wrap. Check that all of this is removed before you attempt to open the bottle.

- If a bottle top is not readily opening, some vapers recommend squeezing in the ridged edges of the lid.

- Some vape juice users who reported problems with opening their vape juice bottles found they were applying too much pressure and reducing the pressure did the trick.

- If a vape juice bottle lid is proving particularly tricky, a pair of pliers could come in handy.

It may be that you are struggling to open your vape juice bottle because you are new to vaping. For the uninitiated, vaping is enjoyed by people all around the world, often as a safer alternative to smoking. Millions of Americans have turned to vaping not only because it is safer but because they enjoy the array of tastes and flavors available.

New vapers will need a basic vape starter kit with a refillable pod so they can explore a range of vape flavors. Vape juice does not have to contain nicotine (although it can, especially if you are looking to wean yourself off cigarettes) and many different and exotic flavors are available. Some companies, such as Cloud Ride, have called in trained chefs to concoct amazing flavor combinations such as Perfect Pina and Apple Hookah. Vaping is a personal choice for people aged 21 and over. It can be used to help people who want to live free from the shackles of tobacco. Always check the label of anything you plan to inhale.

Now that you know exactly how to open your new vape juice bottle, you’re ready to explore the wide range of exotic and tantalizing flavors on the market today.