How to make vape smoother?

The throat hit is something that manages to keep vapers away from smoking. Traditional cigarettes give a tight draw and a throat hit that stays in the mind of smokers. Smokers tend to urge for a nice throat hit and try steep vaping setups to achieve the same. However, people can't handle harsh throat hits for very long.
Having said that, there should be a perfect balance between the throat hit and the smoothness. You will stick to vaping only when you learn to tune the perfect vaping setup that delivers a balanced throat hit and enjoyable flavors.

There are quite a few reasons for harsh throat hits. Well, how to make vape smoother? Let's explore the ways to do it.

How to make vape juice smoother?
You might have noticed a smoother throat hit with high VG e-liquids. Vegetable glycerin tends to produce the vapor that is smoother to inhale. Propylene glycol is responsible for the irritation and the harsh hits. Having said that, either buy a high-VG e-liquid or add some more vegetable glycerin to your existing vape juice to make it smoother.

How to make sure my vape is hitting smoother?
Your vape would stay smoother when you have high VG in it. However, a high wattage can be a possible reason for the harsh throat hits that you hate. Try to fire your coil at a lower wattage.

For a beginner who used to smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, firing a coil with a resistance of 0.35ohm at 13 to 16watts would offer a smoother hit.

In the case of a person who used to smoke less than 20 cigarettes, a lower resistance coil at anything above 50w would give a decent throat hit. An ex chain-smoker might be satisfied with a low resistance coil fired at 80w and above.

Check your nicotine level
The higher nicotine level is another important reason for unpleasant throat hits. For instance, 0.10ohm coil fired at 180watts by using an e-liquid that has 50:50 VG:PG and 24mg nicotine can be harsh. This vaping setup requires a high VG e-liquid to make the vape smoother.

Most of the top brands offer 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg nicotine in the e-liquid. Higher the nicotine harsher the throat hit. However, a person who requires a higher nicotine level would enjoy the harsher throat hit.

At the same time, the hit should not be too harsh that irritates your throat. It is highly advisable to choose the VG level that matches your nicotine level. Higher nicotine requires higher VG to deliver a balanced throat hit. In any case, the vape setup should be in a low profile if you want a smoother vaping session.

I hope now you know how to make vape smoother. Ingredient mix of a vape juice is really important to achieve a smoother vaping session. When I say ingredients, I mean the percentage mix of the VG, PG, and the nicotine.

Learning about how to make vape juice smoother is critical for a smoother vape. Equally, the vape setup should match the vape juice’s ability to deliver a smoother vape.

Happy vaping !!!