How To Get More Puffs From A Disposable Vape

It’s almost like anyone who buys vaping products want to get more from what they currently have. Take disposable vapes for example; you knowingly buy a device that shares a specific puff count, yet you’ve found yourself searching Google for ways to get more puffs from it. Oh my god, are you just never satisfied or something? I’m kidding! It’s in our nature to want more, exploit the things we use, and take advantage of the products we buy.

For instance, cars are made with a specific horsepower output, yet people continue to modify them to go faster or achieve greater gas mileage. Another one for example is computers. Although a normal computer can take care of the various tasks we take on, there are people that add graphics cards for better visuals, more memory to store even more data, and so much more. With that said, it’s perfectly understandable if you’re wanting to get more puffs from a disposable vape.

How Do Disposable Vapes Work?
Before we begin, let’s first go over how a disposable vape works. Although people are looking for ways to get more puffs from them, not all of those people know exactly how the devices work. A disposable vape works in a way that is very easy to understand. Ultimately, there are 6 main components that make up a device. There is a body or housing, a battery, a heating element or coil, a cartridge or pod, vape juice, and an automatic firing mechanism.

When you take a puff from the disposable, the automatic firing mechanism activates the battery, then supplies power to the coil, the coil then heats up in an instant, and vaporizes the vape juice. This chain of events happens within a split second, giving you comfort, convenience, and satisfaction each time you take a puff. It’s a very complex process but very simple when you break it all down.

How To Get More Puffs From A Disposable?
Chances are you’re not exactly looking for information on how your device works but instead just want to know how to get more puffs from it. There are a few ways you can get more puffs from your disposable vape but in the end, the amount of vape juice inside of the device is all that you’re going to get. Increasing the number of puffs you take, however, is possible, technically.

Recharging A Non-Rechargeable Device
If your device isn’t rechargeable from the manufacturer, meaning there isn’t a built-in charging port on the device, then one way to get more puffs from it is to recharge your disposable vape. Most disposables will run out of battery life first, just before the vape juice. To get more puffs and use all of that vape juice stored inside, you’ll need to recharge the device. While there are methods on YouTube that are available, we highly encourage you to just buy a rechargeable disposable vape instead.

Check For A Charging Port
Most disposable vapes these days are made to be recharged. If you took the time to watch the video shared above, you’ll see that recharging a device that wasn’t designed to be rechargeable is simply a headache and not very safe for someone that isn’t experienced in doing so. To avoid all of these safety concerns, manufacturers have now started creating devices that have a built-in charging port, giving you the ability to recharge them. To get more puffs from your device, check to see if it has a charging port. If it does, simply connect it to a USB cable, plug it into a USB outlet, and wait roughly 30 minutes for it to fully charge.

Shorter Puff Durations
Although your device only has so much vape juice inside of it, there is a way to increase the puffs you get from it. To do this, each time you take a puff, shorten your puff duration or take smaller puffs. You see, manufacturers use an automatic puff machine to determine an estimated puff count for each device. They may determine that with a device that with the combination of the battery size and vape juice, and the 3-second puffs that the machine took, it took 3000 puffs to deplete the vape juice entirely. To increase the number of puffs you can take, take shorter puffs. While it may sound dumb, hey, you’re the one trying to get more puffs from a device that only has so much vape juice in it!