How to Fix a Blinking Disposable Vape and Other Common Problems

Out of all the different types of vapes, it’s safe to say that disposable vapes are the most user-friendly. That’s because you don’t have to worry about preparing or maintaining a disposable vape. It’s ready to go right out of the package, so all you have to do is remove it from the box and start vaping.

The fact that disposable vapes usually work without any effort on your part, though, makes it quite a surprise if you have a disposable vape that’s blinking or not working for some other reason.

What are you supposed to do if your disposable vape isn’t hitting when you puff on it? In this article, you’re going to find some answers. These are the most common problems that you might experience with a disposable vape along with some simple troubleshooting steps that can help you fix them.

Why Is My Brand-New Disposable Vape Not Working?
If you have a brand-new disposable vape that isn’t working – and it’s an Innokin device – the first thing we suggest is viewing our warranty policy. If you purchased your device from an authorized Innokin retailer, we guarantee that it’ll be free of manufacturing defects.

If you have a device from another manufacturer or purchased it from a retailer outside the vaping industry – a gas station or convenience store, for instance – getting warranty service might not be quite so easy. In that case, here are a few ideas that might help.

How to Fix a Disposable Vape That Isn’t Hitting
With a brand-new disposable vape that isn’t working, the first thing that you should do is check the air intake vent – usually located on the bottom of the device – for a sticker. The sticker protects the device during shipping, and you should remove it before using the device. If you’ve already done that, try puffing a little harder – it could be that the device’s puff sensor is stuck or isn’t sensitive enough.

If you have a disposable vape that’s dead on arrival and can’t be returned to the retailer or the manufacturer, you can try disassembling the device and checking for an assembly issue. Under the mouthpiece, there should be a fabric pad that absorbs condensation and a silicone gasket that controls the flow of e-liquid and air. The pad and gasket both have holes in the center to allow air to travel through the device. If they’re misaligned, the device won’t hit. Realign the pad and gasket to create a hole in the center. When you replace the mouthpiece, you may find that the device will start working.

Why Is My Disposable Vape Blinking?
If a disposable vape blinks when you try to use it, the battery is most likely dead. Many disposable vapes also have puff limiters to prevent overheating, though – so if your device cuts off and starts blinking during a very long puff, it simply means that you need to take shorter puffs. If the device is blinking and hot hitting at all, though, the battery is dead.

How to Fix a Blinking Disposable Vape
If you have a disposable vape with a dead battery, it’s time to replace the device. In some cases, the ions in the battery will redistribute themselves – and the battery will regain a small amount of voltage – if you stop using the device for a while. In that event, it may be possible for you to use the device a few more times before it starts blinking again. Either way, though, you should definitely plan to replace the device right away.

Why Does My Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?
If your disposable vape tastes burnt, it means that the device’s wick is either partially or completely dry. A disposable vape has a wick positioned in close proximity to the atomizer coil. The wick is saturated with e-liquid, and as you vape, the e-liquid moves from the outside of the wick to the inside where the coil is. If there isn’t a sufficient amount of e-liquid touching the coil when you puff on your disposable vape, you’ll get a burnt flavor.

How to Fix a Burnt Disposable Vape
As you use a disposable vape, it’s a good idea to remain mindful of the number of puffs the device is stated to deliver and how long you’ve been using it. If you’ve been using it for a few days, it’s probably out of e-liquid – and in that case, it’s time to replace the device.

On the other hand, what if you’re getting a burnt flavor with a disposable vape that’s new and couldn’t possibly be out of e-liquid yet? In that case, you’re probably vaping too frequently and need to slow your pace a bit. After puffing on the device, wait a few seconds for the e-liquid in the wick to redistribute itself. That way, you’ll get the best possible flavor with each puff until the device runs out of vape juice.

Why Is My Disposable Vape Spitting or Leaking?
As we mentioned above, disposable vapes have internal components that absorb condensation and help to keep the e-liquid in its place. It’s still possible for excess e-liquid to collect in the top part of the device, though – and in that case, the e-liquid may leak or spit out of the mouthpiece when you vape. The good news about a spitting or leaking disposable vape is that you can control the problem simply by vaping in a slightly different way.

How to Fix a Spitting or Leaking Disposable Vape
If your disposable vape spits or leaks, the most likely reason is that you’re puffing on the device too firmly. Vaping devices are designed to work under gentle air pressure. If you puff on a disposable vape with the same air pressure that you would use when smoking a cigarette, you’ll draw excess e-liquid out of the wick. The solution is to puff more gently. If you hold the device upright for several minutes, some of the excess e-liquid may flow back down to the wick. You can also absorb some of the liquid by running a paper towel down the device’s mouthpiece.

Can I Refill a Disposable Vape?
Disposable vapes aren’t designed for refilling. When a device is out of e-liquid, it’s time to replace it. If you want a device that you can refill, recharge and continue using, we suggest looking at the Innokin INNOBAR C1. The INNOBAR C1 is just as easy to use as a disposable vape because you don’t have to maintain the device at all aside from recharging the battery periodically. The INNOBAR C1 uses pre-filled e-liquid pods, so there’s nothing to refill and no components such as atomizer coils to replace. When a pod is empty, you’ll simply replace it with a new pod.

Can I Recharge a Disposable Vape?
You can’t recharge a disposable vape unless it has a USB port and is actually designed for recharging, which isn’t a common feature. A disposable vape without a USB port is intended to be a single-use device. When the device runs out of e-liquid – or the battery dies – it’s time to replace it.

Manufacturers design their disposable vapes to ensure that they’ll run out of vape juice and battery power at roughly the same time. For that reason, there’s little logic in trying to recharge a disposable vape. When the battery dies, the device is out of e-liquid anyway.

How to Make a Disposable Vape Last Longer
A disposable vape will generally last hundreds of puffs before running out of e-liquid or battery power, and that generally means you’ll be able to use the device for at least a few days before it’s time to replace it. If you don’t get as much use out of your disposable vapes as you’d like, try these two things.

·Take shorter puffs when you vape. The puff count that a disposable vape is stated to deliver is usually based on the assumption that each puff will be around one second in length. If your puffs are longer than that, you’ll get fewer puffs than the number shown on the package.

·Don’t chain vape; always allow several seconds for your device to cool down between puffs. If the battery gets too hot, its charge will drain more quickly.

Try a Pod-Based Device if You Want Something Simple and Reusable
To get the most possible enjoyment out of a disposable vape, we recommend treating it as a disposable device and not attempting to refill or recharge it. Trying to refill or recharge a disposable vape is inconvenient, messy, and potentially dangerous. If you want a device that’s reusable – but still as easy to use as a disposable device – we suggest trying the Innokin INNOBAR C1 instead. Otherwise, if you prefer the simplicity of a disposable vape, you should use it in an intended way – by disposing of it responsibly when it dies or runs out of e-liquid.