There is more involved in enjoying the finest dry herb mother nature has to offer than there used to be. The right smoking supplies can set your sessions ahead of the rest and have your session mates coming back for more. If you want to be the host with the most when it comes to social sessions, we have four simple steps for elevating your smoking setup.

The first step to elevating your smoking experience is to get the right tools for the job. Depending on how and where you prefer to smoke, you could have one entirely different setup over another. There’s nothing worse than having a missing piece when you head into a session though, so it’s best to think through every detail. Many brands and manufacturers now make these supplies especially for herb smokers, and you no longer have to macgyver tools that will suit the purpose. If you enjoy smoking, we recommend investing in the right supplies, since they can make all the difference.

If you prefer to smoke pre-rolls, there are many supplies to gather into one kit. You can have an herb jar, herb grinder, papers, rollers, crutches, and a lighter. It is especially handy if you also have a rolling tray and poking tool as well, but those are optional in a pinch.

If you prefer to smoke out of a traditional piece, then a little less is involved in creating a complete kit. You’ll mainly need your pipe, bong, or bubbler, etc., and a lighter. However, your setup goes to the next level with a bowl-clearing ashtray and beeswax line. A desktop lighter can’t hurt if you want to add a touch of vintage class too.

Dabbing involves the most supplies for a proper setup. It’s hard to make a convenient on-the-go dab setup, but that’s what wax pens are for anyway. For your at-home setup, you’ll need everything from a butane torch or e-nail, to a rig, banger, and dab tool. We would also recommend getting a silicone mat and storage containers so that none of the sticky wax residue gets on your furniture. Also, be sure to have cleaning supplies handy because dabbing can quickly become a sticky mess.

While vaping often requires the least amount of supplies, it also now offers some of the most variety in products. You’ll need an entirely different setup depending on how you prefer to vape. The most basic supplies include your vaporizer battery though, and disposable oil cartridges. From there, we highly recommend gathering the right specialized cleaning supplies to make sure you keep your dry herb vaporizer or vape pen in pristine condition. Also, a couple of extra charging cables can’t hurt so that you can recharge when you need to, no matter where you are.

The next step for elevating your style when it comes to smoking is to color coordinate your tools. Nothing looks better than a matching smoking setup, all in pristine condition. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy all your pieces from the same brand, but having a general theme for your pieces will get you noticed. For example, an all-gold rolling setup complete with Shine’s gold papers, a four-piece gold herb grinder, a gold roach clip, a gold Zippo lighter, and a gold ashtray could get you deemed King Midas of your smoke circle. Or you could go with a floral theme and select a flower pipe, beeswax line, and a bumblebee poking tool to clear the bowl. Let your imagination run wild!

A key to a clean-looking smoking setup is to literally clean it often. A dirty piece is a bad look, and not tempting for anyone to smoke from -- including yourself. It is best practice to clean your pieces, vapes, or ashtrays often. Cleaning becomes even easier though when you get the right tools for the job. This supply list almost always includes isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, and cotton swabs. These two things are invaluable when it comes to cleaning residue in small crevices. From there, you can make your life easier with specialized cleaning supplies such as pipe cleaners, small wire brushes, alcohol wipes, rock salt, and paper towels. Soap and water will often work just fine too though if you clean your pieces often.

The final touch to having a cool smoking setup is to store it correctly. This can mean having a designated space in your home for all of your smoking supplies or having the perfect portable case to contain it all. If you have an at-home setup then placing all of your smoking tools on a silver or vintage tray is a nice touch. If you want to go all-out, repurposing a vintage bar tray table works nicely to class-up your smoking selection. Alternatively, you can have a designated shelf or cabinet for storing all of your supplies in an organized fashion or out of sight.

There are many custom carrying cases available for pieces these days. Depending on what purpose your case is serving, there are many features to consider. Can it hold all of your supplies? Is it airtight or waterproof? Can it lock? Does it fit your style? It’s not a great idea to throw all your smoking supplies into a bag and just hope for the best.

Correct storage also matters when it comes to stashing your dry herb. Although you can always store your herb in the container it was purchased in, it’s an elevated touch to have hand-labeled air-tight jars, such as mason jars. Humidity control packs, such as Boveda packs, also can help keep your herb perfectly dry without allowing it to go all crumbly. Making sure you have the right containers can help you organize your dry herb and keep it in pristine condition for longer. Remember to also always store see-through containers in a cool, dark location though to further extend the life of your herb.

The finishing touch to making sure you host the best smoke session possible is to have all you need and post-session as well. Treat your fellow smokers to a bowl of refreshments, breath mints, gum, and eye drops to make sure they are feeling comfortable. Having some good music or videos on in the background can’t hurt either. Set an elevated mood, pick the right pieces, and host the next smoke circle like a pro.