To master the art of vaping it is important to understand what it is. Just like other scopes, some vaping tricks are beginner-friendly and, some require passion.

In this article, we will explain some most wondrous vaping tricks to help you win a vape war!

Vaping Basics and Prep
Vape trends change without losing their unshakable charm.

Unlike traditional smoking, vapor doesn't include combustion. Although its prologue use has shown some breathing issues it is said to be safer than smoking.

Vapor gives a consistent mass to work with and for variations in the tricks, there are countless possibilities.

The first ingredient to a good vape trick is a vape pen. You don’t need to buy a pen that requires a stack, just choose something capable.

The Ghost Deception Vape Trick
A vape beginner looking to impress some friends? This trick could be your best hit. Also known in town as ‘snap inhale’ or ‘mushroom inhale’. It involves exhaling a cloud and rapidly sucking it back.

Let’s smoke it.

Step 1: Take a long drag from your vaporizing tool and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds.

Step 2: Push the juice out in a round smoke ball. It may require some shots before coming out round.

Step 3: Inhale the mass quickly, as it gets sucked inside you will see a ghost.


Give the room some red light touch to create a thrilling illusion.


The Dragon Vaping Trick
Make a mark as a mythical creature every time you vape with this trick!

A viperous trick that is yet insanely easy.

Step 1: Take a long pull, longer pull results in a more effective trick.

Step 2: While exhaling, keep your lips intact at the same time; not pressing the corners too hard.

Step 3: Exhale out the substance from your nostrils and mouth corners all at once and, Woah!


A little force while pushing out the vapor makes an elegant effect.

The French Inhale
Simple and yet impressive French inhale also goes by the name 'the Irish waterfall'. It is the most popular trick with cigarettes and vapors.

Here is how to do it.

Remember the ghost hit?

Step 1: Do a preliminary long pull but make sure you don’t inhale (this is a Ghost Hit).

Step 2: Bring your tongue to the back of your mouth, trapping the vapor.

Step 3: Wait a few seconds and slightly jut out your lower lip to let the smoke seep out.

The smoke moves in an upward direction, like an inverted waterfall.

Step 4: Bring your tongue forward, dragging the remaining vapor with it and inhaling through your nostrils.

This one is a classic slam, a little practice and, you'll be a master!

Tornado Hoax Vape Trick
This one has a ring. But don't worry; it is a lot easier than its bold name. An intermediate vape trick that storms the internet. Want to surprise the life out of your friends; this one is a total rip-off!

Step 1: Find out a good flat surface with nothing on it.

Step 2: Inhale in some handsome amount of juice; the more, the better.

Step 3: Bend as close to the surface as possible and exhale slowly.
Make sure that your cloud is firm.

Step 4: When all the vapor is out. Extend your hand to the middle of the cloud and scoop the mass to create a swirling effect.

Use a toilet paper roll to control your exhale flow.

Blowing Os Trick
This trick is an equal fav for both smokers and vapers. Although sounding easy, it requires some levels of practice to get flawless.

If you are looking at how to master this particular trick, the following are the crack steps.

Step 1: Take a solid draw from your pen, not sucking the smoke into your lungs.

Step 2: The real skill rests in making an O shape of your mouth. You need to flatten your tongue against the base of your mouth and curve your lips around. Make an O.

Step 3: Push out the vapor from your mouth and do it using your throat. It's not that hard; performing a mini sigh.

Curving your lips in the right fashion leads to perfect smoker rings.

Triangle Vaping Trick
Well, of course, your mouth can't push out three corners.

Let's see how the touch of hands helps spice the ordinary rings up!

Step1: Take a long pull from the vaping tool.

Step 2: Form a perfect solid ring as in blowing Os.

Step 3: Use your hands to bend the sides of the rings. You can tap your ring upward or sideward, whatever feels comfortable.

The hand timings are the real key to the charm of this trick. However, practice will surely make you a vape lord.

The Jellyfish Trick
A crowd favorite trick that is sure to upscale your vaping game. Although there are many variations, the main idea is a smaller O inside a larger O.

Let’s vape it.

Step 1: Inhale the vapor, a significant amount for two rings.

Step 2: Exhale out a ring (larger) and then infuse another ring (smaller) in its center.

They create a jellyfish-like illusion as they spread out.

Exhale all that is left while leaning inward to create a frail of the fish.

Bane Inhale Trick
Every batman fan would love this Bane-inspired vape trick. Are you ready to look at Bane in a vapor mask?

Step 1: Take a pull and trap it in your mouth.

Step 2: Do a basic French inhale and slowly let the mass seep out.

Step 3: Close your teeth during the seeping; the smoke splits into several threads giving it the feel of Bane’s mask.

Store the vapor in your cheeks to keep viscosity minimum.

Bull Ring Vapor Trick
Just like the rings through a bull's nose, this trick teaches you how to fabricate a ring through your nose.

Mastering rings are influential for becoming a crackerjack vaper.

Step 1: Inhale the vapor and hold it for a second.

Step 2: Blow a thick medium-sized ring; this step requires a sufficient amount of vapor

Step 3: Now lean forward and exhale another circle in the middle of the bigger one. It creates the illusion of a ring through your nostrils.

Mirror practice for perfect results

The Lasso Trick
Lasso vaping trick will make you drift into Wild West in no time.

Step 1: Exhale a thick round ring.

Step 2: Expand the mass gently using your hand, don’t go rough!

Step 3: When there is enough space, blow out another circle in it.

As the circles spread, they wrap around each other, creating a dense lasso effect.

Some shots before you get it perfect!

Vape Tricks Final Words
Now you have a good insight into all tricks and skills needed to become a vaping master. You can also try participating in competitions for testing's sake.

Keep working on your skills and, who knows, maybe history remembers you as a vape lord.