How to decrease your nicotine strength

When you first make the switch from smoking to vaping it is important to ensure that you are using the nicotine strength that reflects your previous smoking habits to keep nicotine cravings at bay as you transition.

But over time you may feel that you are ready to start decreasing your nicotine strength, maybe even with the aim of eventually becoming completely nicotine free.

Are you ready to decrease your nicotine strength?
While you may want to decrease your nicotine strength it is really important to make sure you are ready to take this step, as doing it prematurely may actually be detrimental to your stop smoking journey.

We recommend waiting until you are sure that you have comfortably quit smoking, and that decreasing your nicotine strength is not going to jeopardize the progress you have made. You should never feel rushed to decrease your nicotine, and there is absolutely no expected timeline you should be attempting to meet.

Why drop your nicotine strength?
Whether you decide to decrease your nicotine strength is entirely up to you, if you feel comfortable with the strength you are using there is no expectation that you should drop to a lower one.

That being said, many people start vaping with the intention of eventually giving up nicotine altogether, and decreasing over time is the best way to work towards this.

You may also find that getting a new device may require moving to a lower nicotine strength. For example, moving from a mouth-to-lung tank to a direct-to-lung tank or getting a more powerful sub-ohm device can mean that the e-liquid you are currently using may feel harsher and hit your throat harder.

By dropping your nicotine strength you can lower your dependency on nicotine and work towards giving it up altogether.

Why should you drop down over time?
Although it is true that some people can quickly drop down to a nicotine free e-liquid, especially those who were light or infrequent smokers and started vaping on a lower nicotine strength, this is certainly not the case for everyone.

The bottom line is that nicotine is an addictive substance, and as with many other things, it is easiest to decrease your nicotine strength over time than to go cold turkey. This is not only because it will limit the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms but also because it will make you less likely to return to smoking if you make changes too quickly.

This is one of the reasons that e-liquids come in a variety of strengths, because not one size fits all, and this allows you to find the strength that is most fitting to your needs. This also allows the option to drop down slowly in smaller increments while still using your preferred brand and flavour.

How do you decrease your nicotine strength?
Many 50/50 e-liquids are available in a range of nicotine strengths, for example, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg/ml. Some will also offer selected flavours in a nicotine free formula.

When dropping your nicotine it is usually best to try and stick to the flavours and brands you have been using, where possible, and drop down to the nicotine strength below the one you are currently using. However, if you start using the new strength and find it is not quite satisfying your nicotine cravings you can always mix the two strengths together to create an in between strength that may suit you better.

You may find that when you first start using a lower nicotine strength you are vaping a little more than usual, this is completely normal and should even out over time as you adjust to the lower strength.

If however you experience strong cravings and are worried that you may turn back to smoking, do not feel defeated. You may just need a little more time on the higher strength and can always try again at a later date. The most important thing is that you are managing your cravings and are maintaining your smokefree journey!

Do you have to decrease your nicotine strength?
Absolutely not, if you are comfortable with the strength you are on and do not want to decrease, that is absolutely fine. Every person is different, and if maintaining your current nicotine strength is keeping you smokefree, that is the thing that matters.

Some vapers have the goal to give up nicotine altogether, while others will remain with their original strength indefinitely, and neither option is wrong as long as it works for you!