How to Deal with Freezing E-Juice in Your Vape Tank

It’s that time of year, when more of us are finding ourselves vaping outdoors despite the cold weather. When the temperatures hit freezing, we have to be extra careful with our vaping routines. Our hardware can get damaged if left out in the cold for too long and spending too much time outside means we have to bundle up to stay warm.

Another thing that can happen in the cold is that your e-liquid freezes in the tank that’s holding it.

Why E-Juice Might Freeze in Your Tank
Remember that e-liquid is not water, which freezes at 32 degrees. E-juice is made up of flavoring, vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and nicotine (unless it is nicotine-free) which all have their own individual freezing point that happens to be lower than 32 degrees. This is why frozen e-liquid can look cloudy – as each ingredient freezes at its own temperature, the formula separates.

Many people find that their e-liquid has frozen because they left their tank outdoors in the cold. Maybe they left it in their car, or in a garage or shed where they were vaping. Or maybe they just left it out on a table without realizing that this type of thing would happen.

Is Frozen E-Juice Bad for You?
First, let’s get one thing out of the way: frozen e-liquid is not dangerous or unhealthy. But, once it’s frozen, it isn’t vapeable. Your e-liquid needs to be in full liquid form to vaporize, as the liquid must get absorbed into the wick of the coil so that a hit can be fired. Therefore, do not bother trying to vape frozen e-juice, because it just won’t happen.

Can Frozen E-Juice Damage Your Tank?
Some people say that frozen e-liquid is bad for your tank, and other people say that this is not the case. It seems to depend on how full the tank is. The fuller the tank, the more expansion can take place as the liquid turns into a solid, and this can put pressure on the outer walls of the tank, as well as the actual coil. Ultimately, it seems that the chance of your tank getting ruined is unlikely. If your tank does happen to experience damage, especially in the glass piece, then you should throw out your tank, because inhaling any broken parts is extremely dangerous.

What to Do if Your E-Liquid Freezes in its Tank
Best thing you can do is wait it out. Bring it into a warmer area of your home and let it sit. After a couple hours, you should be good to go.

You cannot use traditional methods for thawing out a tank, like throwing it into boiling water or microwaving it, due to the metal in the tank and the sensitivity of the materials. However, you can try leaving it close to a heat vent, so it gets a nice blast of warm air to speed up the process. Keep an eye on it though.
Note: It’s always good to have a backup tank and coils for these types of events. That way, while one is thawing, you can vape the other one.

So, yes, the e-liquid in your vape tank can freeze if it’s exposed to cold enough temperatures. Luckily, this is often a very temporary issue that allows you to get back to vaping in just a couple hours. While the weather is cold, pay close attention to where you keep your setup to prevent this annoyance from occurring in the future.