How to choose the right vaporizer?

Vaping is healthier
Let me start off by congratulating you for finding your way here. If you’re looking at vaporizers as a healthier alternative to smoking then you’ve already won half the battle. Whether you’re a (former) dedicated smoker looking for a better way to enjoy your herbs or a total rookie exploring ways to consume, vaping is the way to go!

Looking at vaporizers as a healthier way of consuming? You’re on the right path!

Finding the best vaporizer for you!
So how do you find that one device that meets all your demands? I believe that the answers to the questions below should guide you to ultimately finding the perfect vaporizer for you. We don’t believe in such a thing as the best vaporizer. What matters is finding the vaporizer that is best suited to your personal wishes. Let the questions below help you find your ideal device.

Which material do you want to vape?
Perhaps the most crucial question to ask yourself: which material do I want to vape? Can’t choose between herbs and concentrates? Luckily there are plenty of hybrid vaporizers, suited to both herbs AND concentrates. For most of you, the answer to the material question was probably already established before finding your way here. So what else should you be asking yourself?

Where do you want to vape?
Determining the location of your vaporizing sessions helps a great deal in finding the perfect vaporizer for you.

Desktop vaporizers don’t have a size limitation, so they tend to be bigger than the portable ones. In return, they produce better vapour which hits you harder, as well as offering instant usage and longer sessions. Desktop vaporizers are also a better choice if your vaporizing experience is more socially orientated. And in certain cases, they can also function as a beautiful home decoration. 

Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, allow you to toke discreetly while you’re out and about. If you want to enjoy your preferred material when you’re travelling or share your finest herbs with friends at a party, this is the category for you. However, some portable vaporizers are more stealth than others, so the look and size of the vaporizer might be something to also factor into your decision process. Furthermore, some of them have an internal heating system, while others require an external flame. Portable vaporizers definitely come in different shapes and forms, so if this is the category for you, consider the look and the heating process of the device before purchasing.

Portable vaporizers like the DynaVap VapCap M allow you to consume dry herbs outdoors.

How often do I want to vape?
The question “how often do I want to vape?” is closely tied to a few other essential vaping questions, most of which we have already discussed earlier. If you’re looking for vaporizers that offer instant satisfaction at any given moment, you might want to consider an on-demand desktop or portable vaporizer, perhaps with an external flame. These vaporizers do not heat up your precious herbs continuously over a set period of time, but only when you activate the vaporizer, thus not heating your material in between hits. If you’re looking to microdose, these would be the vaporizers for you. There is no need to finish your bowl in one session, which is the case with - what’s in a name? - session vaporizers. 

Session vaporizers are vaporizers that deliver a permanent, continuous heat emission until your herb is spent. To get the most out of your material, you have to finish your herbs in one session. As the heating element requires some time to reach the configured temperature, it isn’t wise to pause your session midway.

Session vaporizers vs on-demand vaporizers
To start this paragraph off right, we should point out that open flame vaporizers (which are always considered on-demand vaporizers) such as the VapCap M or the Sticky Brick Junior can require some patience when you’re relatively new to vaping. They are not easy to master and you should factor in the necessary learning curve. On-demand vaporizers with an internal heating system such as the Magic Flight or Firefly 2+ are more user-friendly. This also applies to session vaporizers like the IQ2.

On-demand vaporizers tend to be a little more pricey than session vaporizers. If being able to vape at any time with the option to also stop your session at any time doesn’t factor in for you, you might feel like taking it slightly more easy on your wallet. Which brings us to our next question…

What’s your budget?
An essential question to any purchase: what’s my budget? Perhaps you’re interested in trying vaping for the first time. Understandably, you don’t want to spend big bucks right away.

Do you want great taste or strong effects?
One of the most important things I learned when it comes to vaping, is that there are different reasons why people vape. Some of my more seasoned colleagues are all about the flavour experience, where others just want their material to hit as hard and as soon as possible. This can also be a factor when determining the best vaporizer for you. Would you consider yourself a flavour chaser or is the effect more important to you? 

Do you like big clouds?
Some of the vaporizers we carry definitely produce bigger vapour clouds than others. The size of the vapour cloud can be an underestimated part of your vaping experience. It seems that people who have a history of smoking - and perhaps want to leave it in the past - tend to get more satisfaction out of vaporizers that produce a slightly bigger vapour cloud. While some vaporizers are more catered to flavour chasers - see above - , other vaporizers, e.g. the Crafty+ and the Boundless CFX, are better suited to the cloud crowd. So, ask yourself which one you identify with more. And find you a vaporizer that matches your personal desires.

Do you like mobile apps?
A lot of vaporizers come with a nice display that tells you all about battery life, temperature settings and more. The ones without a display tend to require a bit of patience and skill if you want to learn how to adjust certain settings. If you’re all about convenience, you might want to consider downloading the corresponding mobile app - if it’s available. The mobile apps for vaporizers tend to give you full control over the temperature settings, insight into battery life and more.