Choosing a Vape Tank 101
So you wanna buy a vape tank? Luckily for you, there are all kinds of different options you can choose from! Vape tanks can be large or small, can be designed with a specific product in mind, and can even be built with special features (like a heating wick, for example). With all these different options, how do you choose? 
There is no perfect answer to the best vape tank you should buy. It ultimately is going to come down to what vape tanks will even work with your vape battery to begin with, and then what aesthetics or features you are particularly looking for. The best for one person may be different from another.  For your convenience, below you will find a thorough review of some of the major considerations to keep in mind when buying a vape tank. 

Vape Tank Differences
As we said, there are all kinds of differences that you are going to find in a vape tank. You should know and understand the principle that vape tanks can differ drastically, even if they look the same.  Look at, read the description, and ask questions if needed while deciding which vape tank is best for you! 

Wax, Herb, and Oil Vape Tanks
Depending on what specifically you plan on vaping, you will find that there are specific tanks built to cater to dry herbs, wax, and oils.  Generally, these vape tanks are meant specifically for one material or the other.  For example, using oil in a wax tank or an herb tank is very likely going to damage those coils.  And dry herbs in an oil tank is just not feasible. 

Size and Threading
In terms of threading, the vast majority of vape tanks are going to have 510 threading. However, this is not always the case, and you should confirm the threading needed through your user manual.  If the user manual is not clear on the specific threading, the manufacturer usually has information available online that details exactly what is used. 
Size is also going to play a role in what vape tank you end up getting. They have different sized heating chambers and can be different lengths, diameters, and different shapes, so be sure to look out for ones that look like they will fit your needs (or for those that may not). 

Power Threshold
A vape tank's ability to handle power is going to vary from tank to tank. If you get a huge, beefy vape tank but have a smaller vape battery, it is possible that the small vape battery will not have enough power to heat the vape tank.  On the other hand, if you have a smaller tank and put it on a powerful vape battery like a box mod, you run the risk of burning the tank out if you put too much power through it.  A burnt-out tank is useless so double-check the power ability and thresholds of your vape battery before making purchasing decisions on a vape tank. If you are unsure about the power thresholds of your current vape battery, that information is easily found online through the vape pen manufacturers.

How long do you want your vape tank to last? Generally, oil and dry herb tanks can last a reasonably long time, given they are properly taken care of. Wax tanks, on the other hand, are going to get gross more quickly over time.  In addition, some vape tanks are useless once the coil goes, and some vape tanks have replaceable coils that can be changed out whenever they go. Be sure to consider how long you expect your vape tank to last before you want to replace it. That may determine how much you end up spending!  

Replacement Coils
Vape tanks come in a variety of designs, and the ability to be repaired is no exception. Some vape tanks are sold as a single, solid product, and when one part goes (like the heating coil), the whole tank gets tossed. Other vape tanks, like the Yocan Cerum and 94F, have removable coils that can be replaced, extending the overall life of the vape tank attachment. If you want the option to tinker and repair your vape tanks, consider models that have replaceable parts and coils. Most vape tanks will advertise whether or not their coils are replaceable. If you are still unsure after reading a description, most retailers (like us!) will be able to let you know what to expect.

Heating Element
Finally, the heating element in a given vape tank is going to differ greatly from model to model. Many tanks have the traditional pancake style of heating coils, while others have ceramic or quartz rods. Wax vape tanks can have heating elements made out of ceramic, quartz, or even titanium. Smaller vape tanks have a single heating element while others have several, letting you take huge puffs much more quickly. The heating element is one of the primary factors that will impact your vaping experience, so be sure to take the time you need to decide exactly what kind of experience you want. 

Herb Vape Tanks
Herb vape tanks generally will fall under two major kinds of designs. Combustion style herb vape tanks will have a heating coil at the bottom of the heating chamber that comes into direct contact with the dry herb being vaped. Convection style herb vape tanks will not have an exposed heating element. Instead, they will have ceramic heating plates in the heating chamber that bake the dry herb. Both of these methods offer very different vaping experiences, so choose an herb vape tank that will match the experience you want. 

Wax Vape Tanks
Wax vape tanks will generally be the tanks with the largest variety of materials in their heating elements. They will usually be ceramic or quartz rods that are wrapped with a metal coil. The wax is then placed directly on the heating coils. Depending on the style of vape tank you get, there can be one heating rod and upwards of four. The more heating rods there are, the more quickly vapor will be produced. Remember that wax tanks tend to get nasty over time, so do not be afraid to replace them when the time comes. 

Oil Vape Tanks
Oil vape tanks are usually the most straightforward vape tanks. If they are refillable, they will have an easy place where oils can be inserted into the vape tank. The heating element can be coils or a rod, but more commonly will be a cotton wick that absorbs the oils for easy vaporization. Oil vape tanks, because of the popularity of e-juices, have an enormous library of products from which to choose. Be sure to get a size and design that will best fit your vaping habits. 

What is the Best Vape Tank?
There is no one single best vape tank for you to choose from. The best tank is going to be the one that best fits your needs in your vaping habits. Wax, herb, and oil vape tanks are made specifically for their vaping products of choice. Likewise, some great high-end vape tanks cannot be used on small pens because smaller vape batteries do not provide enough power to get them vaping. The best way to decide which vape tank is right for you is to take an inventory of exactly what you want out of your vaping experience, and then find the vape tank that best fits that description.