The benefits associated with vaping (when compared to smoking) are innumerable. We’re talking about reducing high blood pressure, boosting your immune system, easing your breathing, improving lung functionality, and more. Plus, vapor doesn’t linger in the air too long, unlike with smoke. That means it doesn’t pollute the air or harm the people near you.

However, things can quickly go south if you fail to handle your device well. Not only might the vape battery explode, but you could also get hurt in the process.

Knowing how to charge your vape the right way is an integral part of prolonging its lifespan and ensuring you enjoy its full benefits without anyone getting hurt.

Are you wondering how to charge a vape? If you don’t want to wind up searching for where to buy vape batteries just weeks after purchasing your vape, then charging your device correctly is paramount. That means using the correct charger, the correct port, and monitoring the charging process itself, among other aspects. To make it easy for you, we’ll list the dos and don’ts of charging your vape.

Your vape battery isn’t only among the most sought-after cool vape accessories, but it’s pretty much the part that keeps the device intact and functioning optimally. As such, it needs careful handling. If you rough it up, the battery will fail. Incorrect charging is the culprit responsible for battery failure, and ultimately the device itself. Below are a few aspects to keep in mind when charging your vape:

·Read the instruction manual: First things first, you must normalize reading the instruction manual any time you buy a new part or battery for your vape. Most of the time, vapes come complete with safety manuals that outline useful information on how exactly you must charge the device.
·Use the correct charging cable: Vape kits typically come with their respective charging cables. These cables are specifically designed for use with the vape in question. And they are usually tested for safety and reliability with that particular battery, be it internal or external. Using the correct charging cable minimizes the risk of the battery overheating.
·Use the correct charging port: After using the correct charging cable, make sure you use the right charging ports. Different charging ports have varying degrees of power supply. Some deliver more power at a faster rate. Vapes are small devices that require small amounts of electricity. As such, you should charge them using USB ports with lower power outputs.
·Monitor the charging process: It’s not uncommon to put your vape on charge and call it a day. Charging your vape for prolonged periods may result in overcharging, which will damage the battery. Always keep a close eye on the charging process. When it’s fully charged, as indicated by the LED light, detach it from the charger.
·Replace your batteries after a couple of months: This practice is encouraged because a battery’s effectiveness tends to deteriorate with time, which might harm your device. If you need the actual time frames, the safety manual should give you the exact periods to work with.

Most of the things to avoid are, to a large extent, the opposites of the do’s mentioned above, among other factors. But for the sake of clarity, we’ll go ahead and list them below:

·Avoid using a phone charger: As tempting as this might be, avoid using a phone charger to charge your vape. Phone chargers generally transmit a higher amount of voltage since they have to power up the touchscreen, media player, Wi-Fi, etc. But when you’re charging a vape, you’re doing just that—simply charging the vape. A vape doesn’t need a lot of power, and a phone charger will likely pump more electricity into the battery, causing malfunction.
·Avoid leaving your vape charging overnight: Never leave your vape to charge overnight. When it charges for too long, it winds up getting hot. In some cases, this might cause your device to pop or even start a fire.
·Avoid using a battery that feels too hot: As mentioned, due to overcharging, your vape battery will end up being hot. Using the battery in this state will only damage your vape. Always leave it to cool down before using your vape. This also applies to external batteries.

Incorrectly charging your vape is the fastest way to destroy it. It may not happen right away. But rest assured, the battery’s efficiency will deteriorate over time. You’ll probably find the tips you need to charge your vape in the safety manual. But we all know how most people aren’t keen to go through the fine print. If that’s you, we’ve summed up the need to know items here. Use the correct charging cable, charging ports, and replace the battery often. Also, avoid charging the vape overnight or using your phone charger. Follow these tips, and you’re well on your way to safe charging and vaping!