How to change VAPORESSO GEN settings

Power isn’t just for the pros - what you can get from VAPORESSO GEN is the most accessible and impressive vaping experience that you have ever had before. Having the anti-fingerprint rubber coating that gives you a unique hand feel, and lift it easily with the only bodyweight of 107 grams.

Inside VAPORESSO GEN, it equips the powerful AXON chip that can output the maximum wattage of 220W, giving extra throughout every inhale to provide an extraordinary punch. Also, the AXON chip gives intelligence interactive to the user, brings the easy-operating into the next level.

Here are the relevant instructions for you before you get started with a new GEN, please keep them in mind so that you can get family with your device quickly.

General Settings:

Step 1: Filling the E-juice and install tank.
Unscrew the drip tip directly, then you can fill your favorite E-juice through the opening.

Step2: Power on the devices
1)Press the fire button for 5 times in 2s: Power on and off.
2)Continuously pressing fire button 3 times to lock and unlock the up, down and mode button.
3) Continuously pressing mode button 3 times to unlock the mode button.
4) When install a tank, it will automatic identify its coil material and resistance, press up (+) button for reset, down (-) button to use existing setting.
5) Press the fire button to start to vape. For your safety, please do not vape for more than 10 seconds at a time.

Step3: Choose your mode
PUL: PULSE mode (default), continues boost flavor with large cloud.
ECO: POWER ECO mode, to let you have longer battery life.
STC: SMART Temperature control mode, automatic recognize coil material, just one step to complete setting.
DIY: DIY mode, you can choose traditional VW (H, N, S), VV, VT, CCW, BP (bypass mode), SP (super player mode) from this section.
SET: System setting, including puff counter, brightness, flip screen, default, version.

·When coil resistance extremely low, it will automatic provide you an option to go to SP (super player) mode.
·When your battery is lower than 40%, it will automatic provide an option to go to ECO (Power ECO) mode.
·When your install the tank with temperature heating wire (SS, Ti, Ni), it will automatic provide an option to go to STC (Smart TC) mode.

·VW-H /VW-N /VW-S (Variable Wattage mode - highrmal/soft): it will automatically select the adequate average wattage for your atomizer If you switch between different ohms’ resistance.
·VT-SS/VT-NI/VT-TI: Variable temperature control mode for Stainless Steel/Nickel/Titanium material.
·VV (Variable Voltage mode): You can manually adjust the voltage to match the resistances of the coil you use, the higher resistance of the coil you use, the higher voltage it requires correspondingly.
·CCW (Custom Curve of Wattage mode): To use the up and down buttons to customize you own curve of wattage output line, move to the next bar with a quick press of the fire button, press the mode button to save and exit when setting is done.
·BP (Bypass mode): Direct output voltage mode depends on battery level, supported coil resistance range: 0.05- 5ohm.
·SP (Super Player mode): In this mode, it will support broader resistance range from 0.03Ω to 5Ω, which is adaptive to mainstream RDA tanks.
.Please turn off the device when it is not in use.
.Do not leave the charging device unattended.
.Do not drop, throw or abuse your device, it may cause damage.
.Please use a standard USB output charger in proper charging Current and Voltage range.
.Keep away from water or any flammable gas, liquid.
.Do not exposure to direct sunlight, dust, moisture or mechanical shock.
.Do not exposure the device to extreme temperature. (Applicable temperature range: -10~60 ℃ /14~140 ℉ while using, 0~+55℃ /32-131 ℉ while charging, -10~45℃ /14~113 ℉ while storing).
.EEE Recycling: the product should not be treated as household waste, instead it should be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.
.Battery Recycling: the product battery should not be treated as household waste, instead it should be handed over to the applicable used battery collection point for recycling.
Only have your device repaired by Vaporesso. Do not attempt to repair it by yourself as damage or personal injury may occur.