How To Be More Confident With Your First Vape Session

When you start something new, it is natural to feel apprehensive. Things can get daunting when you vape cannabis for the first time. Thankfully, the reputation of cannabis has changed after its legalization in Canada. It is no longer seen as a recreational substance but regarded as a powerful medicinal aid. The same applies to vaping because users see it as a healthier alternative to smoking. But these facts may still not be enough to make you confident about your first vape session. Here are some tips that can enhance your confidence as a beginner.

Know what to expect
Whether you are a novice to cannabis and smoking or seasoned with both, vaping for the first time is a new experience. It is much safer than smoking because it involves slow combustion instead of rapid burning. There is hardly a chance it will irritate your lungs. You may cough a little if it is your first inhalation experience. But rest assured that it wouldn’t last long. The choice of cannabis strain and product determines the outcome of the sessions. A THC-dominant strain and product get you high, while a CBD-dominant one does not. It is easy to understand the kind of outcome you can expect from a specific product. 

Have the essentials at hand
If you want to have a great vape session the first time, keep all the essentials at hand. You will need your supplies and equipment to start with. Decide whether you want to use a herb, vape liquid, or concentrate for the session. The good thing is that it is easy to procure quality cannabis canada because it is legal in the country. You can check a dispensary or online store and order your stash online. Likewise, you will require a vaping device to go ahead. There are many options around, and you must settle for one with a simple learning curve that is easy for beginners. Once you have all the essentials at hand, you are all set to vape without inhibitions.

Learn the technique
Vaping confidently is also about mastering the technique. Realistically speaking, you cannot expect to create big and thick clouds for the first time. But a good understanding of the technique always helps. It ensures smooth vapor production without irritating your throat and lungs. Further, you must also know the quantity of herb, liquid, or concentrate to use the first time. As a rule, you must go low and slow with a short session for the first time. Wait for the effects to set in and listen to your body. You can seek guidance from an expert and have them around for the first experience. Additionally, you can check some online videos and guides to get a fair idea about the technique.

The final piece of advice for newbies is to use quality cannabis for their first experience. Follow it in the subsequent ones too. You may have to pay a tad more, but it keeps you on the safe side and promises the best experiences. Confidence comes as a bonus!