How Soon Can You Move a Freebase E-Liquid from Your Vape Tank to an Open Pod Cartridge?

One of the greatest innovations in the world of vaping has been the open pod system that’s compatible with both freebase and salt nic e-liquids. This incredible bit of vaping technology has allowed us to enjoy a thoroughly versatile setup, while allowing us to satisfy different kinds of nicotine cravings throughout the day. Best of all, open pod systems that are compatible with freebase nic and salt nic e-liquids allow us to enjoy two different vaping styles in a super portable, convenient and low-maintenance way.
If you’re using an open pod system that can take freebase nicotine vape juices, you’re probably eager to pour some of your favorite freebase nic e-liquid into that pod cartridge. But, what if that e-liquid has been sitting in a vape tank?

Why You Might Want to Wait Before Moving Freebase Nic Vape Juices to a Pod Cartridge After They’ve Been in Your Vape Tank
It’s totally fine to pour bottled freebase nic vape juice into your pod cartridge directly, but what about vape juice that you’ve already started vaping in your tank? We know that when we vape our e-liquid, we are applying heat to it, which changes the molecular structure of the vape juice, at least temporarily. So, adding that directly to your pod cartridge, which uses totally different output settings, can leave you with a disappointing vape overall.

What to Wait for
So, what should you be waiting for before moving that e-liquid in your tank to your new pod cartridge? Well, first, you should give the vape juice in your tank a chance to cool down. This will make it more ready for your pod cartridge. How long it takes for vape juice to cool down depends on a couple of factors, including how long you’ve been vaping it, and how high your output settings are on your box mod. We recommend waiting twenty minutes.
There are a couple of other things that you need to check before making the transition. One is that your pod system can definitely take freebase nic e-liquids. freebase nic e-liquid into the pod cartridge.
You also wanna wait until the pod cartridge itself is empty and clean. This means that if any freebase nic e-liquid already exists inside of it, you’ll want to either vape it or dump it. Then, wash it out thoroughly so that it’s ready for the new flavor.

Enjoy Your E-Liquid in Both Systems!
If the freebase nic e-liquid that you want to pour into your pod cartridge has been sitting in your sub-ohm vape tank, it’s a good idea to wait a bit rather than immediately pouring it into the cartridge following a sub-ohm vaping session. Use this guide to know when the time is right to make the switch. This will maximize your chances of having a seriously satisfying vaping experience.