How often should you change the vape coil?

Vape coils are an essential part of a vape pen. Even if you use a vape pen seasonally or regularly, you have to change the coil sooner or later. Using a worn-out vape coil will damage your vaping experience. Taking good care of your vape pen, using good vape juice, and cleaning the vape coil from time to time will increase its lifespan, but it will not last forever. Neglecting to change your vape coil can lead you to buy a new vape pen sooner than expected. So, the big question is how often you should change your coil. What are the signs that you should buy a new vape coil? Do not worry. This article will help you know when it is time to replace your vape coil.

What are the indications that you should change your vape coil?
Good maintenance and regularly cleaning the coil can help to last the vape coil longer. But you have to change it eventually. Vaping with a damaged coil will ruin your vaping experience, and it is also bad for your health. Some signs show your vape coil has reached the end of its life. Look out for these primary signals to avoid a bad vaping experience.

·The vape tastes foul or burnt: 
A horrible burnt taste at the back of your throat is the most common indication that it is time to replace your vape coil. It is the most common issue, any of the vape user experiences. This acrid and foul taste will ruin your vaping experience. Though one or two accidental hits from a damaged coil won’t cause you any serious harm, you should avoid using them further. If you continue to use a worn-out vape coil eventually, the vape will burn the vape coil, and you will be exposed to heavy metals. So it’s better to replace the vape coil as soon as you notice the problem.

·The vape pen is making gurgling sounds:
Some vape pens tend to make a sound, but you will be familiar with that. If you hear a gurgling or an unusual sound when you vape, then you probably need to change your vape coil. It could be indicating some other problem too. First, try changing the vape coil if the issue remains, then check other parts of your e-cigarette. You can try opening and reattaching the vape coil, making sure all the holes line up perfectly. If the problem is still there, you have to change the vape coil.

·Your vape tastes odd:
You know how your vape tastes. So, if you experience a little odd or funny taste, a weak flavor with good vape juice, or a dull taste, it probably indicates that your vape coil is going bad. You can also experience it if you have a sluggish bottle of vape juice. But if your last hit is not as flavorful as your previous ones, then your vape coil is to blame for that. Replacing the vape coil will solve this problem. Check if your vape juice looks darker than general or changing color when putting it in the tank.

·The vape production is much lesser than before:
The vape production by the vape coil will decrease with time gradually. When the vape coil reaches the end of its lifespan, the vapor production will be much lesser. Though it won’t cause you any problems, your vaping experience will be poorer than before. You can change the vape coil immediately or wait for the other issues to show up. A dying battery can also cause this problem. Check if your battery is charging slowly or running out-of-power faster before replacing the vape coil.

·The vape device is leaking:
If the vape juice is leaking from the device or dripping into your battery, unscrew the device, and do a thorough check-up. Take the vape device apart, clean it properly, inspect the parts, check the batteries, and reassemble the vape pen. Check the vape oil tank for any apparent cause of the leak. If it’s still leaking, then try replacing the coil. It will prevent you from buying a whole new vape pen. But if the problem persists, you may have to buy a new vape device.

Vape coils go through repeated heating and cooling regularly. So after some time, they will burn out. Generally, your vape coil needs replacing once every 1-4 weeks. Its life depends on how much you use them, which vape juice you use, the type of device you are using, etc. If you use your vape pen daily, then you have to change the vape coil once in 1-2 weeks, but if you use it seasonally, you can change it once a month. VG e-liquids are thicker and produce more residue so, if you use it as your vape juice, your vape coil will damage faster than PG e-liquids. The lifespan of the vape coil is also depended on the way you are using your vape device.

How to replace your vape coil?
1.Read the manual carefully and open the vape device as per instructions. Wrapping the vape device in a paper towel is a good idea to prevent the vape juice from spilling everywhere.

2.Empty your vape tank. Get rid of all the e-liquids before replacing the vape coil.

3.Put 3-4 drops of vape juice into the new vape coil and let it absorb for 10 minutes.

4.Take the old vape coil out and replace it with a new vape coil.

5.Once the new vape coil is in place, refill the tank with good vape juice. Then reassemble the whole device, and your vape device is ready to use.

To conclude
Keep an eye for these signs to make sure your vape coil is in good condition. Do not use a worn-out vape coil. It won’t give you a satisfactory result, and it can also cause potential harm. Sometimes, the vape tank gets too hot if the vape coil is burnt out. A burnt vape coil looks fried and black. The damaged vape coil can also have an excess of burnt prime. Maintain and clean the device properly to make the most out of it but remember, you have to replace the vape coil in the long run. If you are a regular vaper, keep an extra vape coil with you.