How Long Have Vapes Been Around

When it comes to vaping history, you probably don’t think back much further than your last vape session (and hopefully, it was a good one). But as you become a dedicated vape enthusiast, learning more about the early days of vaping can make your experience that much more satisfying – and be a great way to impress your fellow vapers!

Today, we’re taking you on a virtual time travel journey through the history of vaping, showing you:

·How vaping was invented
·What early vaping looked like
·The story of modern vaping as we know it

The History of Vaping
How long do you think vapes have been around if you had to guess? You might be surprised to hear that vaping has probably been around for far longer than expected. While it’s true that our modern version of vaping is relatively new, the basic concept goes back more than half a century.

How was vaping started?
Would you be shocked to learn that the origins of vaping can be traced back to Ancient Egypt? The Egyptians weren’t exactly enjoying vape pens while they built the pyramids; however, the earliest vape ideas were being born.

During the 5th Century BC, the iconic historian Herodotus wrote about how people vaped using hemp seeds. The hemp seeds were heated until they began emitting vapor, and then the individual would inhale that vapor – talk about no-frills vaping!

In Southeast Asia, hookah was another early art that inspired modern-day vaping. Remember that “vaping” doesn’t just mean using an electronic vape device; it can take so many different forms.

When was the vape first invented? 
The earliest version of an electronic vape device was patented in 1963 by Herbert Gilbert. He devised an early e-cigarette as an alternative to traditional smoking. Gilbert’s goal was to create a device that offered all the enjoyable aspects of smoking with no adverse side effects of burning tobacco. 

Unfortunately, Gilbert ran out of luck when it came time to get significant manufacturers on board with his idea. And so, the 1960s e-cig never came to fruition. 

When you think about how vaping has become a popular switch for former smokers, it’s fascinating to consider that Gilbert might have achieved his dream after all – it just took a little longer than he might have hoped.

When was modern vaping invented?
After the first e-cig ended up being somewhat of a flop, the concept of vaping sat idle for several decades. With the patent still in effect, no manufacturer was willing or able to pick up the task of further developing the idea. That is until Hon Lik arrived on the scene.

Inspired by the painful experience of losing a family member to cancer, Lik wanted to develop an appealing alternative to smoking cigarettes. He recognized the key features and experience that smokers would want and got to work crafting a device that had it all. 

The modern e-cigarette looks and feels incredibly similar to a traditional cigarette. It was launched in China in 2003 and, after testing and approval, arrived in the U.S. sometime around 2006.

When did vaping become popular?
Once the e-cig came to the U.S. in 2006, modern vaping truly took off. The industry welcomed countless new manufacturers in those first few years, and an impressive pace of innovation resulted in an array of new technologies. 

Creative manufacturers engineered improved battery systems, more efficient chargers, and e-liquid that produced better vapor and flavor. As vaping gained ground, vapers became interested in pushing the boundaries of what vaping could be – and manufacturers were happy to answer their call. 

New, high-powered vapes with a multitude of features were invented, giving vapers precision-level control over aspects such as temperature, wattage, airflow, and more. There are dozens and dozens of top-rated vape devices that are more than capable of delivering a five-star vape experience.