How Long Do Sub-Ohm Coils Typically Last?

How Long Do Sub-Ohm Coils Typically Last?
Sub-ohming has its advantages, but it comes with its fair share of expenses. In addition to gobbling up e-liquid, you need to spend on vape coils too.

Proper coil care can extend the life of your coils, but unfortunately this is not something everyone does on a regular, resulting in needless costs incurred on replacements.

A lot of vapers are not sure how long the sub-ohm coils ought to last in the first place, something that may normalise the idea of going through coils every couple of days.

This short post seeks to demystify the topic of coil lifespan and the things you can do to ensure your coils do not burn out before they are due.

As you are bound to notice, proper coil care has a big effect on their longevity.

So, How Long should my Sub-Ohm Coils Last?
The answer to this is, ‘It depends’.

Depending on usage and the effort you put into caring for them, sub-ohm coils can typically give you a week or two of service.

That’s assuming you are affording them proper care throughout the vaping process – starting with priming and ending with selecting your mod settings before you vape.

If your coils stretch for longer than a fortnight, that could mean either of two things. Either you are using a coil that’s beyond its prime, or you are barely using your mod.

How much do you Vape?
As we already mentioned, there are a host of factors that influence the life of coils. One of the main ones is your frequency of vaping.

On average, heavy users tend to swap their coils once a week, while moderate vapers can expect to do it once every fortnight.

How well do your Prime each Coil before use?
Priming is another factor that has an effect on the longevity of your coils.

Priming your coils properly is a vaping best practice. If you find it time-consuming and prefer to get right down to business, you can be sure your coils won’t give you as much service as they are intended to.

In fact, the failure to prime each coil thoroughly can trim its lifespan by about half. That’s because wicks tend to burn relatively quickly if they are not well saturated.

What Settings are you using on your Mod?
This is something that is not often given much thought, but the settings you use on your mod can impact the lifespan of your coils.

As you are aware, there is a fundamental link between your coil’s resistance level and the output of your device. There is a wattage range recommended for each coil that needs to be adhered to.

Else you risk burning out the coil since it cannot handle the demands of a wattage level set so high.

How do you know when Coil Replacement is due?
If you think you are swapping coils faster than you should be, there are a few simple ways you can tell whether the coil has reached its prime.

You can know by the resultant taste you get when you vape with the coil in question. The vape could taste weak or burnt, the coil is unable to hold e-liquid, and the device could send e-liquid back to your mouth (a phenomenon known as spit-back).

Bottom Line: You Sub-Ohm Coils Need Care if they are to Last
Depending on frequency of usage, sub-ohm coils should last anywhere in the range of a week and two. But as you have already gathered, there are a few notable issues that could lead to the death of your coils before their time is up.

Use this simple guide to ensure you are affording proper care to your sub-ohm coils so you can get maximum service out of them. Just like it’s supposed to be.