How Does the Partner’s Profession Affect His Attitude Towards Smoking?

Many things make someone attractive. But there are many things some people can’t stand, so they never date singles with certain traits or habits. Smoking has been a hot topic for the last couple of years because more and more people realize how unhealthy it is.

We all knew all the time, but now, the world’s attitude towards smoking has changed. People don’t think smoking cigarettes is cool anymore.

Most people don’t smoke old-fashioned tobacco to preserve health. But that affects their chances to get dates. At least with people from certain professions.

Some Unexpected Professions Don’t Like Smokers

Doctors, personal trainers, and other people who see damage made by tobacco firsthand are expected to have problems with smokers. It’s not like doctors are running around telling every smoker to stop smoking, but they are less likely to date smokers.

The same is valid for another profession people don’t connect with smoking at all. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And where’s the fire there’re firemen. They also see the damage cigarettes can do. Burned homes, lost savings, destroyed lives.

Those brave men in red witness all of that, so they don’t like dating smokers. They’re aware it kills a person slowly. Some firefighters smoke too. But they’re cautious about that ember hanging from the tip of the cigarette. They’ve seen how big that tiny ember can become, and they don’t want to risk anything.

Most smokers never burn anything more than a couple of holes on shirts. Still, for some firemen, it’s better safe than sorry. So it’s advisable for women dreaming about dating a fireman from the site where everybody wears hot uniforms to quit smoking.

Mentioning it in the profile description or somewhere on the profile will boost the chances that firefighters from the site will send a message. Being a proud former smoker is a big win, especially if it helps to get dates.

Those Who Work with Smokers May Have Problem with Smoking

After using firefighters as the example of an unexpected profession, we’re shifting back to the ordinary. People working in health-related industries are more likely to have something against smoking. They see its effects all the time, so dating someone who smokes is like dating a ticking bomb to them.

With a healthy lifestyle becoming the goal of millions worldwide and the constant growth of cigarette prices, many are quitting. Some don’t quit because of themselves but because they want to be higher in the attractiveness hierarchy.

Someone in love with a fitness trainer knows they have much better chances of seducing them without a burning stick in their hands. A survey proved that the whole mindset is changing. Now only 21% of female nonsmokers and 34% of male nonsmokers would date a smoker.

Vaping Makes A Difference

The same survey that had shown how many people (regardless of their professions) would never date a cigarette smoker showed that vaping makes a difference.

33% of female nonsmokers and 49% of male nonsmokers would date vapers. Compared to 21% and 34% for regular smokers makes it clear vapers have a much better chance in the dating field.

It’s impossible to accurately predict how those numbers will move in the future for vaping as the attitude towards smoking is keep changing. But we expect that even more people will give up on cigarettes in order to increase their chances of finding a partner.

Vaping seems like a good alternative for the situation. Many teens are starting to vape, which is a good sign. Teens are making trends, so it’s almost safe to say that vaping isn’t going anywhere. However, those seeking dates among people who can’t stand any smoking should quit. Or reconsider their priorities.