How do i choose a prefilled pod system that is right for me?

In Australia there is a growing number of prefilled pod vaping devices available which makes it increasingly difficult for a smoker or pod vaper to understand or choose what is right for them!

Ultimately the choice is up to you and should be based on what qualities you want from a vape. One way to decipher what is unique about each prefilled pod vape is by assessing its specifications and vaping characteristics. Although we can rank and score.

Pod Vape Specifications
Nicotine Strength - Most prefilled pod device kits are aimed at smokers or existing vapers wanting to use vaping an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Currently, the closest way to replicate the sensation of smoking a cigarette with a vape is with high MG nicotine salt eliquid. The reason for this is nicotine salts provide a smoother "hit" and faster absorbtion of nicotine into your system as compared to freebase nicotine eliquid which is quite harsh at high strength levels.   

Coil Type - Ultimately there only a few types of coils in pod systems. Most have a resistance of >1.0 Ohm which is most suited for mouth to lung vaping. Traditionally coils have been manufactured out of cotton and wire, which generally works well for a pod vaping device. A recent innovation is the Ceramic Coil, which can help with a faster "acceleration" of vapor production and can lead to improved consistency and flavour when used in a pod vape. 

Pod Capacity - Understanding the capacity of a pod cartridge is important if comparing price. The capacity to some extent depends on the design of the pod device, thinner devices such as the Myle or the Juul have smaller capacity pod cartridges (although more pods in a pack) when compared to thicker pod devices such as the VAPO HAIZ, RELX Classic or alt. 

Flavour Range - Most smokers making the transition to a pod vape naturally gravitate towards flavours they are familiar with such as Tobacco or Menthol. These are core flavours included in most prefilled pod vaping devices. However, as you get further down the path of transitioning to vaping, flavours become an important consideration because they add a new layer of satisfaction and also transitions your habbits towards a sensation different to traditional combustible cigarettes.   

Vaping Characteristics 
Vapour Output - depending on the battery and coil of your prefilled pod vape, some will deliver a higher output than others. There is no "Best" in this category, its entirely up to your personal preference. Also consider, pod vapes have a considerably lower volume of vapour output compared to the larger "Sub Ohm" high wattage devices, so all ratings are relative. 

Draw Tightness - Draw tightness is one of the fist sensations you will experience when vaping a prefilled pod device. A tight draw is nearer to the feeling of inhaling a cigarette, an airy draw is somewhat different. Again, draw tightness is subjective and comes down to personal preference.   

Prefilled Pod Vape Comparison
The table below shows a comparison of most of the best selling prefilled pod systems. Remember all rating scales are subjective for comparison purposes only so do not take it as one device is better than the other, think of it in terms of "This device is better for me" . 

Prefilled Pod Vape Comparison