Geekvape and Geekbar Shine at the Egypt Expo with New Products

Press Release
From May 4 to May 6, the biggest vape show held in Egypt came to a successful close.

People from every corner of the globe congregated at the expo to witness firsthand the allure of vaping, which resulted in an unparalleled level of success for the event.

Geekvape and Geekbar, two world-renowned vaping brands, showcased their most recent innovations in the form of new products and technologies, including the new Geekvape Wenax K2, Geekvape Q series and Geekbar meloso series, and drew the attention of retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and vape enthusiasts during the expo.

Geekvape Aegis Touch won the “Best vape mod 2023” award

Geekvape T200, the smartest touch screen box ever made is without a doubt, once again, with the Aegis Legend 2, continuing Geekvape’s usual high quality, excellent atomisation experience, gaining its place as the No.1 box mod in the minds of Middle Eastern consumers.

Geekvape Wenax K2 – Keen to Chill

Wenax K2, the vape that lets you love to chill. Indulge in the ultimate MTL experience with this sleek and well-polished metallic pod system. With precise control over airflow and output, it provides a customisable flavour to your favor. Its impressive battery life and intelligent LED indicators provide a worry-free experience, while the upgraded K1 Cartridge ensures a longer lifespan.

Geekvape Q series and Geekbar Meloso series

Just recently,Geekvape unveiled a brand-new vaping technology solution called VPU, which stands for Vaping Processing Unit and integrates the most recent developments in material safety, fluid and thermal transmission, and advanced material research to provide consumers a complete solution. Geekvape Q and Geekbar Meloso, both of which adhere to the VPU standard.

And in just a month’s time, it has gained the love and recognition of consumers from the global industry. This time, the Geekvape team also brought these two newly released products to Egypt, where undeniably, Geekvape’s products have once again gained extremely high recognition. It has long been known that Geekvape is famous for its mod devices with the most rugged triple protection design.

However, Geekvape has not ceased investigating the global field of vaping cigarettes, always with the highest standards, continually listening to the consumer, Geekvape is continuously inventing devices that are smaller and more portable in order to satisfy the demands of the user. But they are not the most crucial aspects, the ability to innovate is unquestionably the most significant factor that differentiates Geekvape from other brands.

Geekvape established the first basic research institution in the sector to investigate the crucial components of e-cigarette technology, employing a skilled R&D staff of over 200 employees.

The Institute collaborated with prestigious educational institutions to build a research centre devoted to the development of sophisticated ceramic technology. This facility is committed to the research and development of innovative atomization technologies. It also possesses the capacity to manufacture an extensive quantity of a wide range of core components, such as heat generators, ceramic cores, and atomizers.

Obviously, GV possesses a more powerful weapon in order to develop further innovations.

Geekvape was able to develop new technologies with the help of their smart factory. Allen Yang, the CEO of Geekvape, believes that digitization and smart manufacturing will bring enormous benefits in the future. These benefits will not only include increased production volume and increased efficiencies, but they will also provide consumers all around the world with the assurance that our goods are manufactured to consistently high quality standards.

Because of the integrated packaging technology and the three-tiered QR coding, a better level of traceability has been introduced, which will help combat the sale of counterfeit and illegal goods.

Geekvape will usher in new heights and open up a different thriving e-cigarette market just in time for the super factory’s grand opening in September of this year.