Freemax Onnix 2 Review

The Onnix 2 was sent to me for review from Freemax. This is a small stick-style pod vape designed for high nicotine and tight draw vaping.

·15-watt max
·2ml pod capacity
·900mAh battery
·USB-C Charging
·Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Brown, and Rainbow
·$29.99 at Freemax

In the Box
·Onnix 2 device
·One 2ml pod
·Two coilheads
·USB-C Charger



The Onnix 2 is a thin stick-style vape. These have a see-through pod, some nice designs, a round indented firing button, and LED lights on one side. There’s really not a whole lot to say about the design for devices like this but I think the body is solid and the manufacturing and different designs look great.

It’s 15.3mm (0.6 in.) thick, 24.4mm (0.9 in.) wide, and 109mm (4.2 in.) long.


The Onnix 2 is a 15w pod system, but you can’t adjust the wattage. Instead, the Onnix 2 uses a smart technology feature designed to detect the coil’s resistance and adjust the wattage based on that. I don’t know the exact wattage each coil will automatically fire at, but Freemax says this mode is designed for high-strength vaping.

The Onnix 2 is draw-activated or button-activated, so you can use whichever feature you like the best. I think they both work great. I don’t notice a difference between the two which I think is a good thing because I find that many draw-activated devices have problems with hitting without a lot of suction. This doesn’t have that problem. Just a slight draw and it hits right away.

If you click the firing button three times you can set it to either draw-activated only, which is good if you don’t want to worry about accidental button presses, or you can set it to activate with both draw or a button press. When the device is firing the little blue LED lights.

The Onnix 2 Pod

The pod is a refillable pod that uses replaceable coils. It has a comfortable duck-bill mouthpiece and holds 2ml of liquid.

To fill the pod, you need to the pod out of the device and lift the flap on the side.

And to add a coil, just plug it into the bottom. It’s press-fit and sits in there tightly.


The Onnix 2 uses Freemax’s line of OX dual vertical coils. These coils are all designed for restricted vaping and designed especially for salt nicotine liquids, strong throat hit, and more nicotine satisfaction. They work great for regular liquids too though, so you can use whatever type of nicotine you want.

The kit comes with two coils

·OX DVC 0.8 Ohm – This coil is rated for 12-15 watts. This is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. Freemax says it’s best for 20-35mg nic salt or 3-9mg freebase nic. I think the flavor from this coil is really good and the coil performs nicely.
·OX DVC 1.0 Ohm – This coil is rated for 9-13 watts. This coil is also designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. Freemax says this one is best for 30-50mg salt nic or 6-12mg freebase nicotine. Again, a great coil. Personally, I can’t really tell a difference between this one and the 0.8 coil. I think they both perform great and you’ll like the vape you get from either one.

There are also two other coils available

·OX Mesh 0.5 Ohm – This coil is rated for 16-20 watts. This coil is different from the rest and is designed for restricted direct lung vaping. So you’ll get a little more airflow here. This one isn’t designed for salt nic and Freemax recommends only 3-6mg freebase nic.
·OX DVC 1.2 Ohm – This coil has all the same specs as the 1.0-ohm coil so it’s rated for 9-13 watts, designed for MTL vaping, and is best for 30-50mg salt nic or 6-12mg freebase nicotine. I don’t have this one so I can’t tell you how it performs compared to the 1.0 Ohm coil but I’d guess it’s just a little better for lower wattage vaping.


The air comes in from two little holes on both sides of the device. You can’t adjust the airflow, so the draw you get is a loose mouth-to-lung draw, which I actually think feels pretty comfortable, but you can also plug one of the airflow holes with your finger if you want a lot more restriction.


The battery inside the Onnix 2 is a 900mAh internal battery. That’s a nice-sized battery for a device of this size. It also charges using 1.5 amp type-c fast charging, so you’ll have a fully charged device in about 60 minutes.

The three white LED lights on the device indicate the battery’s charge. One light means it has a 0-35% charge, two lights mean a 36-70% charge, and three lights mean a 71%-100% charge.

Final Thoughts

If you already have the original Onnix, you might be wondering if there’s a reason to buy the new Onnix 2, and there is. The original Onnix was a 20-watt device designed for restricted lung draws but this new model is a 15-watt device designed mainly for Mouth-to-Lung vaping, but also has a coil for restricted lung draw. The Onnix 2 is also slimmer and has a more updated design. So yeah, I think it’s worth getting the new one if you already have the old one.