Flying & Nicotine Pouches: Can You Bring ZYNs on a Plane?

Air travel can be stressful. Large crowds, luggage restrictions, security screenings, confined spaces—these are inescapable parts of the experience. Nicotine users are further inconvenienced since vaping and smoking are not permitted in most airports, and certainly not during the flight. Nicotine pouches, on the other hand, are one of the most discreet ways to manage cravings, so they seem perfectly suited for air travel. But can you bring ZYNs on a plane? And after boarding, can you ZYN on a plane?

This article will answer those questions so you can have some peace of mind when preparing for your trip. We’ll also address other concerns, such as packing nicotine pouches in checked and carry-on bags, international flights, and buying ZYNs at airports.

If you have a flight scheduled and intend to use nicotine pouches, keep reading to learn what to expect.

Can you bring nicotine pouches on a plane?
Yes, you can fly with nicotine pouches. Within the U.S., the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not currently restrict oral nicotine products. There are a couple of potential caveats, though. Firstly, you must be old enough to possess the product legally. Secondly, the TSA has the final say regarding what is acceptable (this includes everything in your possession).

Still, there’s no reason to worry about your ZYNs being confiscated at the airport. It is not a common occurrence. Just remember that TSA agents tend to be more accommodating when you make their job easier. Here are a few guidelines for a smooth security screening:

·Be transparent. Don’t try to conceal ZYNs (or any nicotine product) in a shoe or hidden compartment in your bag. Make them easy to find and identify.
·Keep your nicotine pouches in their original container to avoid confusion.
·Don’t bring too much. A few containers probably won’t raise any flags, but stuffing your bag full of nicotine pouches may cause suspicion.

For those outside of the U.S., the regulations will vary. You can fly with nicotine pouches in many countries throughout the world, including the UK, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and Germany (amongst others). However, some countries do have strict nicotine regulations, such as Canada and Australia. Always check the laws of your country (and destination country) and airline policies before traveling with nicotine products.

Can you put ZYNs in a checked bag?
Absolutely. The TSA allows passengers to store nicotine pouches in both their checked bags and carry-ons. The decision is yours, but we’d recommend utilizing both. While it is highly unlikely that your ZYNs would be confiscated, it’s even more unlikely to happen twice (two separate screenings). Keeping a stash in another bag is just a good precaution. Also, it’s always possible for checked bags to go missing, so be sure to keep at least one container in your possession.

Can you use ZYNs on a plane?
After boarding the plane, you might be wondering if you’re free to enjoy nicotine pouches throughout the flight. Can you ZYN on a plane? It’s not going to affect those around you, so what’s the harm, right? Surprisingly, this is a bit of a grey area. 

Just because you can bring nicotine pouches on a plane doesn’t imply that you’re allowed to use them. After all, you can fly with disposable vapes, but taking a mid-flight puff could have severe consequences.

Currently, the individual airlines determine their own rules for smokeless tobacco use. We advise checking with them before popping a ZYN in your mouth during the flight. Realistically, if you use them discreetly, it’s unlikely to cause any problems. Just be respectful and properly dispose of your used pouches (use the hidden compartment in the lid).

Can you take ZYNs on an international flight?
When flying with nicotine pouches, knowing your country’s laws and the airline’s restrictions is crucial. For international flights, however, that’s only half of the equation. You must familiarize yourself with the laws of the destination country as well. Failure to do so could result in your ZYNs being confiscated, unexpected fees, or even legal issues.

If nicotine pouches are classified as tobacco products in your destination country, declare them at customs. They may limit how many you can bring in for personal use. Anything over that limit could get tossed, or possibly incur duty fees and taxes. This is why it’s best to do some research ahead of time. Just because you can take ZYNs on an international flight doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences when you reach your destination.

Do they sell nicotine pouches at airports?
Many airports throughout the world have shops that sell nicotine pouches. More importantly, many do not, so don’t plan on stocking up just before boarding. Unless you’re willing to call ahead to confirm their availability and the shop’s hours, nothing is guaranteed.

Also, keep in mind that ZYNs might not be widely available in your destination country, even if they are legal. Thus, it’s best to purchase all the pouches you’ll need for your trip in advance, or else you risk being left empty-handed.

Checklist for flying with nicotine pouches
Let’s summarize the main points of this article to ensure that everything is accounted for before your flight: 

·Check your airline’s policy regarding the in-flight use of nicotine pouches.
·Research the regulations in both your departure and destination countries. This includes the legality of nicotine pouches, the limits for personal use, and potential taxes and duties.
·Store your pouches in their original containers and don't try to conceal them.
·If checking a bag, divvy your ZYNs between your checked bag and carry-on. Remember that checked bags can go missing, so it’s best to keep a moderate supply of pouches in your possession when you fly.
·Bring enough nicotine pouches for the duration of your trip. While they do sell ZYNs at some airports, this is not always the case (and some shops could be closed when you arrive). They also might not be readily available in your destination country.