Flavoured vs Unflavoured E-Liquid: Which Should You Choose?

There’s a world of e-liquids for you to choose from, but which is better – flavoured or unflavoured?

If you’re new to vaping, you might be wondering what the difference is between unflavoured and flavoured e-liquids and which one is better.

They both come with their own set of pros and cons, and it all pretty much comes down to your own personal preference.

In this post, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Pros of flavoured e-liquids
Flavours enhance your vaping experience

E-liquids come in a large selection of flavours, that all aim to enhance your vaping experience – whether you’re taking it up as a hobby or using it as a stop smoking aid.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer the taste of tobacco or something sweeter – like fruit or dessert-like flavours, because there’s something for everyone.

They produce a pleasant odour

When it’s vaporised, e-liquid doesn’t produce much odour, but the odour it does produce is pleasant and comes from the flavourings, unlike the distinctive smell associated with smoking cigarettes

There’s no way to smoke a cigarette discreetly; others will be able to smell the smoke from some distance away, and the smell will linger on your clothes and hands, but this isn’t the case with flavoured e-liquids.

They’re extremely discreet, which means you can vape almost anywhere without having to worry about the smell.

Cons of flavoured e-liquids

·They can clog up your coil

If you’re having to clean or replace your coil constantly, it could be because of the vape juice you’re using.

The flavour additives are what clogs them up, so you might want to consider trying an unflavoured e-juice to help your coil last a little longer.

·They can cause vapers tongue

Vapers tongue is a term used to describe people who have been vaping non-stop and have lost their sense of taste, and all you can do is wait until everything is back to normal so you’re able to experience the full range of flavours once again.

It can happen if you’ve just switched from smoking to vaping, or if you’re reusing the same flavour all the time.

If you’re currently experiencing vapers tongue, you should try a different flavour or an unflavoured liquid for a few weeks then return to the other, and it should taste as good as it used to, or you’re trying to avoid it, you should consider building a collection of your favourites to alternate between them.

Pros of unflavoured e-liquids

·You can create your own flavoured e-liquid

If you can’t find anything that tickles your fancy, or you’ve always wanted to create your own unique blend, you should stock up on unflavoured e-liquid!

All you need is a little imagination, and you can create your own custom vape flavour.

Of course, you’ll need an unflavoured e-liquid to act as a base flavour, along with a flavour concentrate.

Since the concentrates you use will dictate -how your e-juices taste, try to choose something you think you’ll love.

·Unflavoured e-liquid can be more affordable

Sometimes, it’s hard to find a flavour that agrees with your tastebuds, and you might have spent lots of money trying out different flavours only to realise you don’t like them after a couple of puffs.

When you buy unflavoured e-juice, you can enjoy the real thing and save money at the same time – since you’ll be spending less on trying different flavours, new coils and mixing materials.

Cons of unflavoured e-liquids

·Creating your own blend can be difficult

Obviously, there aren’t as many unflavoured options, but you have the choice to create your own unique e-liquid blend – which comes with lots of choice.

It can be difficult to find something you like, especially if you’re just starting out, and flavoured e-liquids take care of combining flavours for you.

Like we previously mentioned, there’s lots to choose from, from soft fruity flavours to strong icy menthols.

·Flavoured nicotine products help people quit

Flavoured or unflavoured, an e-juice can help you manage your nicotine cravings when stopping smoking and eventually help you quit for good.

Flavoured liquids though, make the experience much more enjoyable and quitting won’t feel so much like a chore, and you’ll be able to make the switch without a second thought.