Extra E-Liquid Left in the Tank – What to do now?

To get the best vaping session squeaky-clean vape rig is best. With a clean tank, coil, and battery the e-juice taste will be better. This is true that the vaping session will be best with the clean and fresh-dedicated coil. In this guide, we will share what to do when you have extra e-juice in the tank.

With a vaping device, it is important to wipe it down properly from the bottom and to make sure that e-juice is fresh. But, there is one concern which vapers have in their mind that what should be done with the liquid left in the tank. Should we use it tomorrow or use it the next day? Given below are the tips that should be done with the e-juice at the bottom of the tank.

Is it possible to vape it?
So, you bought your favorite e-juice from the vape store and you just want to vape it. The huge delicious vape is all you need to get every inch of the e-juice from the tank. You can vape it till the time taken is completely cleaned. But if you hear the gurgle then there is an issue.

Started hearing gurgle
With gurgling sound, it means the last few drops are left and you need to stop. Once the e-juice intake is at the bottom then there is a very little amount of e-juice to soak the wicks. When the wick is dry the vape dries out which will give them the scorch. This is why it is best to avoid vaping at that time.

Should I pour it or not?
Well, there are different ways in which the tank can be filled again before you want to buy a new tank from the vape shop.

Pour it back in the original bottle
To maintain the flavor of each flavor this choice is appealing. Well, you are keeping the e-liquid in the bottle. Also putting back the -juice in the original bottle is easier. The unicorn tips of the e-liquid are removed by pulling or twisting which helps in releasing the tip. You can pour the e-juice in the tank to make it fresh.

Make a mix of bottle
Many vapers prefer to keep a different bottle of flavor types from the last part of each tank. You can keep one bottle for sour flavors, fruit flavors, mint, tobacco, and dessert flavors. Well, it is your choice whether you want to mix the flavors or create special mixes for saving the last bit of the e-juice you tried.

Have your tank-saver container
So, you are ready to fill the tank with another flavor then save the remaining e-juice in the tank container. With one bottle of e-juice, you can save the small amount properly without wasting even a single drop.