The absolute best way to choose the right vape liquid is to prepare for a long, exciting adventure through a series of taste sensations. Some vapers walk like zombies into the closest convenience store and buy any old vape liquid and continue the daily trudge.

No! We are putting our feet down and saying STOP!

STOP vaping the same-old, same-old.

STOP vaping for the sake of vaping.

STOP vaping those boring old flavors.

Instead, START your exploration of taste.

START vaping for the pure delight of vaping.

START impressing your friends with your culinary knowledge.

START developing your palette and waking up your taste buds!

Sure, you might be trying to kick a smoking habit and that’s great, but smoke smells bad on your breath, in your home and on your clothes. E-juice smells and tastes wonderful all the time and anywhere you’re vaping. What a fabulous opportunity to lead a healthier and more flavor-filled life!

If you are battling a nicotine monkey, perhaps go for one of the Virginia tobacco flavors with a high PG rating, which will give you that back-of-the-throat kick, just like smoking. 

You could also try e-juice with nicotine salt. It allows you to vape a much higher nicotine strength without getting that particular rough throat feel. This type of nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than standard nicotine, so your vape can satisfy your nicotine cravings after just one or two puffs.

If you only smoke one or two cigarettes a day, go for e-liquids with 3mg of nicotine. If you’re up to ten a day, go for 6mg if you want a little feel of that back-of-throat hit. If you’re getting through 20 cigarettes a day, you could probably go for 12mg, and choose 18mg if you are an even heavier smoker than that. One of the best things about being a heavy smoker is that the health gains you’ll make by swapping to vaping are so much greater.

If you start at the highest level, it’s easy to wean yourself onto less nicotine at your own pace.

For a non-smoker wishing to vape an e-cigarette, it’s probably best to not actually inhale the vapor. You can do this by using a method called cigar puffing, which still gives you all the taste sensations, but you simply bring the vapor into your mouth and out again, maybe through your nose, without inhaling the vapor into your lungs. And if you’ve never smoked, there’s no need to get any nicotine at all.

Once you’ve started to lower the nicotine levels in your e-juice, you can start sampling some of the other weird and wonderful flavors.

But where in the world could you start? That’s probably the hardest question because one of the ingredients in e-juice is vegetable glycerine (VG), which comes from food. There are almost limitless possibilities of flavor combinations, just like food and drink! And there are easily as many different flavors based on well-known food, fruit, cocktails and tobacco blends as there are wild and wonderful combinations such as snozzberry, hawk sauce, deviant flavor, pizza, cloud science alpha and even unicorn poo and unicorn vomit!

When you start choosing e-liquid flavors, it’s probably best to begin with those that you’re pretty confident you’ll like. Once you’ve found a few you like, you can start experimenting with more exotic flavors like cakes and pastry, such as this Sweet Treat Juice.

This is when the real fun begins because of the delicious fruit or food blends. You could begin by looking at drinks only and start with a coffee flavor to start the day, or maybe some of your favorite cocktails.

The food blends are really a world apart, and once you start exploring these, it’s a fabulous conversation-starter. When you’re checking out someone you like in a bar or at a party, just start with a comment about the different flavors in their vape. and impress them with your culinary knowledge. When you have a chef specially preparing your e-juice with mooli, cantaloupe, ylang ylang, vanilla and cherimoya fruit, you will sound like a worldly expert. Is it pretentious to have a chef create your e-juice? Only as pretentious as going to Four- and Five-Diamond restaurants and loving the food there!