Everything You Need To Know About Nicotine Pouches

The Rise of The Nicotine Pouch
Nicotine pouches have grown in popularity since they emerged in the UK in 2019 and are most popular with ex smokers. Predominantly used and designed as an aid to stop smoking, nicotine pouches have recently become a trend among athletes due to their discreteness. 

In this blog we’ll break down everything you need to know about nicotine pouches including what, how and why they are used as well as offering some of our top picks for nic pouches.

What Are Nicotine Pouches?
A nicotine pouch is a small pouch containing pure nicotine alongside flavouring and other chemical substances. The pouch is intended for oral use and is designed to give users a slow and satisfying hit of nicotine. Nicotine pouches come in a range of flavours and strengths typically ranging  from 3mg to 50mg.  

Nicotine pouch packaging contains a gage to help users identify the strength of the product. Every pack contains  an indicator of strength. This can be either through written text or a row of four symbols. With these symbols the number of solid filled colour symbols indicates strength. For example, 3 solid symbols out of 4 means the pouches have a higher strength but are not the strongest level of nicotine available.

Why Should I Use Nicotine Pouches?

Help you give up smoking
Nicotine pouches are a much healthier alternative to cigarettes because they lack tobacco and all the harmful chemicals that come with it, all whilst providing the same nicotine hit as smoking. Nicotine pouches contain no tar or smoke present in cigarettes which means making the switch will significantly reduce the risk of respiratory problems and lung damage associated with smoking.

Due to the slow release nature of nicotine pouches, you can sustain nicotine cravings for longer periods of time compared to the short lived effects of cigarettes. They also offer a much more pleasant taste than tobacco with and come in a number of different flavours.  

Help you give up vaping
Nicotine pouches and vaping are two popular ways to help you give up smoking, but you might be ready to move away from inhaling nicotine all together, and nicotine pouches are the perfect next step. With these pouches, you don’t need to fill vape devices with e-liquids to inhale your nicotine, you simply pop the pouches at the root of your mouth and let the nicotine slowly release.

If you want to avoid physical devices and the manual aspect of intaking nicotine and creating vapour, then nicotine pouches can help in moving away from vaping whilst maintaining nicotine cravings.

Ideal for areas with restrictions
You might be a regular vaper or smoker but if you’re travelling to an area with restrictions on either of these practices then nicotine pouches can make a great alternative. Many countries, states or areas around the world ban smoking and vaping altogether, or restrict the use of portable electronic devices. 

Nicotine pouches eliminate issues like these and are usually allowed through airport security  into most places without any problems. With nic pouches you can keep on top of your nicotine cravings in a discreet manner where smoking and vaping is otherwise impossible. They are also a more inconspicuous and considerate option for others who may not want to be exposed to smoke or vapour.  

If you’re travelling abroad and are unsure which countries and airports allow smoking or vaping, we’ve got a handy travel guide that outlines the current rules and regulations on vaping across the world. 

Portable, convenient and lightweight
Cigarettes might be light but they are easily damaged and vape pens can be bulky, awkward to carry and have extra parts like vape juices, coils or other accessories. Nicotine pouches are an incredibly small and lightweight option for those wanting to keep up their nicotine intake. 

They weigh little more than a few grams and can fit comfortably into any pocket or purse. They are also disposable and can be discarded into the special lid pouch to avoid searching for rubbish bins or littering. Each pouch is individual so you can take as many or as few as you need on the go.

Is There Tobacco in Nicotine Pouches?
In short, no. There is no tobacco in nicotine pouches and they are not to be confused with snus or snuff. These types of pouches contain both nicotine and tobacco and are therefore a more harmful option for those wanting to intake nicotine orally. 

With nicotine pouches, all the harmful chemicals in tobacco are excluded and the user is instead left only with the nicotine they need to satisfy cravings. The harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide and tar in tobacco are produced through the process of combustion or burning the tobacco, meaning they’ll never be present in tobacco free nic pouches.

How To Use Nicotine Pouches
Nicotine pouches are incredibly easy to use and require no additional parts or devices:

1.Take a pouch from the container and roll it in between your fingertips to distribute the contents around the pouch.
2.Place the pouch in between your top lip and gum, to the side of the mouth.
3.As the nicotine is released you might experience a slight tingling sensation. 
4.Keep the pouch placed in your mouth for up to 30 minutes for best effects.
5.Once you have finished with the pouch, place it into the convenient compartment inside the packaging lid. 

With such simple and quick instructions for use, nicotine pouches make the perfect alternative for those wanting a discreet, fast acting and straightforward nicotine fix. 

What Are The Side Effects of Nicotine Pouches?
With every product containing nicotine there are some mild side effects, with the biggest one being that nicotine itself is an addictive substance. This means that if you don’t already smoke, vape or ingest nicotine in any other way then nicotine pouches are not suitable for you.

The most common side effects of nicotine pouches include a sore mouth, usually due to prolonged use, hiccups and upset stomachs.

It’s important to make sure you are only using nicotine pouches if you are looking for an aid to stop smoking. This way you can avoid any unnecessary side effects and ensure responsible use of nicotine. 

Are Nicotine Pouches Safe To Use?
At this current moment in time, not only are nicotine pouches much safer than smoking cigarettes, but there are also no proven long term or serious adverse effects on health from using the pouches. 

There are many myths surrounding nicotine pouches, with the main two being that they cause cancer and gum disease. There is no evidence to prove nicotine causes cancer, it is in fact the chemicals in tobacco like tar that have been linked to cancers. Because nicotine pouches are tobacco free, there is no risk of developing serious illnesses from the chemicals inside tobacco.

As for speculation surrounding the increased risk of gum disease, there is no proof that nicotine pouches affect your chances of developing gum disease. In most cases gum disease is caused by a number of different other factors including pre-existing health conditions, bad oral hygiene or an unhealthy diet.

In any case, we recommend maintaining good oral hygiene at all times, including when using nicotine pouches. Swap them out regularly and keep on top of brushing to reduce a buildup of plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

The Best Nicotine Pouches
With a range of flavours and brands available, and many more to come, it can be hard to know which nicotine pouches are right for you. Luckily we’ve made it easy to pick the perfect pouch with our list of nicotine pouches on the scene right now.

Tacja Nicotine Pouches
These delicious new pouches from Elf Bar, makers of the famous vapes, live up to the companies reputation for bold flavours. Their Cherry Ice pouches offer a delicious juice cherry taste with a hint of icy coolness. These Tacja pouches come in packs of 20 and contain 20mg of nicotine in each pouch, ensuring users get a strong nicotine hit to curb their cravings.

Their Spearmint nicotine pouches are a great alternative if you’re not a fruit lover and offer a classic, refreshing mouth sensation not unlike that of gum or traditional mints. We also offer a brilliant range of different Tacja flavours if mint isn’t your thing either

Killa Nicotine Pouches
Specialising in nicotine pouches, Killa has successfully cemented themselves in the industry as a provider of premium nicotine pouches. Their extra strong pouches come in flavours like juicy Watermelon that provides a refreshing fruity burst alongside a quick nic hit. 

If you’re a lover of classic sweet treats, they also offer flavours like Cola that satisfy your sweet tooth whilst also giving you 16mg of high strength nicotine in each pouch.

All nicotine pouches come in individual packs containing 20 pouches or can be purchased in a pack of 5 in a variety of delicious flavours. The average nicotine pouch pack lasts 1-2 days depending on the frequency of use.

How Often Can I Use Nicotine Pouches?
There is not a set limit to the amount of nicotine pouches you can use a day but there are general guidelines on how to use nicotine pouches. 

We would usually say that if you are switching from vaping or smoking to nicotine pouches that you should try to match your nicotine usage to what you were previously taking in from cigarettes or e liquids. 

As nicotine pouches are predominantly an aid to quit smoking, it is recommended not to exceed the level of nicotine you were previously on as despite being the healthier option, nicotine is still addictive. 

In terms of the use of each pouch, most brands state to use the pouch for around 30 minutes but some suggest they can be used until they lose flavour. Always check the guidelines of each product before use to ensure you are using the nicotine pouches correctly. 

We hope we’ve covered all your questions on nicotine pouches in this blog as well as put to rest any doubts or worries you might have had about making the switch to nic pouches.