Everything You Need to Know About High Five Duo E-Rigs

Out of a myriad of instruments used to consume cannabis concentrates, e-rigs are undoubtedly the most convenient. Not just that, but they are also more efficient at successfully extracting the terpenes out of the cannabis concentrates, no matter what the type.

Instead of relying on butane torches to guess the vaporization point, they incorporate built-in electric heating elements. So, the temperature is always under control, which is a plus point as flavorful terpenes are preserved at low heat. For this, we have brought you High Five Duo e-rig, which might be worth your investment. But before making the final decision, let's take a closer look.

Design and Appearance
It doesn't have a very flashy outlook but rather a decent one that would go easily with other decorations in your room. When it is turned on, the lights around the base, and inside the glass cup illuminates, giving out an aesthetically pleasing vibe. The base is pretty wide for extra stability, and the body is constructed from food & medical grade Materials. It is sturdy and won't rust, but it can easily be scratched.

On the top lies the Borosilicate mouthpiece, having not only a fine look but also a spacious stem for maximum inhalation. At the front, there is a tiny LED for monitoring the status and health of the device. Right below the LED display, a few buttons are present to give commands to the device. The controls do not do justice with the overall device, and in our opinion, they could be better.

·Haptic feedback
·Rapid heat-up system
·Vibrant led display
·Fast USB-c charging
·Pass-thru charging
·Long-lasting battery life
·Large capacity 16mm bowl
·Adjustable light brightness
·Customize session duration
·11 different light color options
·Wide base for increased stability
·Minimal temperature fluctuation
·Self-seating bowl
·Medical grade stainless steel airway path
·Compatible w/inserts, balls, beads, pearls
·Ergonomic design
·Compatible with Puffco peak mouthpieces
·Composed of food & medical grade materials
·Compatible with concentrates & flower (separate adapter)
·Superior American electrical components & microprocessor
·Stainless steel atomizer.
·Removable airway path

Battery Performance
The battery isn't very special, but last a considerable time, just like any other electronic-rig. The vibrant lights present all over the structure consumes an extra charge. However, the brightness can be lowered using the controls. The good thing about this device is that it comes with USB-C charging, and can be ready for the next session in a couple of minutes. If this wasn't enough, the manufacturers threw in a pass-thru charging feature, allowing users to charge and smoke simultaneously, thereby fixing the weak battery problem.

Vapor Quality
The secret of its top-notch quality is the precise temperature controls. All thanks to the microprocessor that keeps the temperature where it is supposed to be, minimizing fluctuations. Plus, it detects the bowl's temperature instead of the heating element, unlike most of the e-rig, ensuring high accuracy. This smart heating system retains the flavor, and the natural potency of the cannabis concentrates

What's in the box?
·1x High Five DUO E-rig
·1x Loading Tool
·1x Hex Key
·1x Quartz Bowl
·1x Magnetic Carb Cap
·1x Titanium Bowl
·1x USB C Charging Cable
·1x Protective Carrying Case
·1x Borosilicate Mouthpiece
·1x 6 Month Warranty on Atomizer
·1x 3 Year Warranty on Device

·The decorative lights are pleasant to look at.
·It is compatible with both concentrates and flowers.
·The device gives out the excellent flavor.
·It ensures the temperature precision.
·The large bowls are made for heavy users.

·The battery could be better.
·The control buttons aren't very user-friendly.