Everything There is to Know About Replacement Glass for Vape Tanks

Consider all of the individual components of your sub-ohm vaping setup, and you will realize that perhaps the most overlooked component of all is the glass piece – aka, the glass tube structure that makes up a big part of your vape tank --- that is, until you damage it, and suddenly need a replacement. Replacement glass pieces are a standard piece of vape hardware that exist for a reason, as even the most cautious among us may need one sooner or later.

What is Replacement Glass?
Replacement glass refers to the glass part of your vape tank, which is sold as a replacement piece. It’s the same piece of glass that comes with your sub-ohm tank, and thus, is intended to be installed should you lose or damage the original. Pretty much any company that makes sub-ohm tanks also sells replacement glass pieces.

What is Replacement Glass Used For?
The glass piece of your tank is almost always made from Pyrex glass, and for good reason. Pyrex is a type of glass that was designed to be incredibly durable in two regards: one is that it’s shatterproof, meaning that it is far more likely to survive drops, and the other is that it’s very heat-resistant, as Pyrex was originally developed to act as a material for ovenproof dishware.

So, a Pyrex tank is likely to withstand the occasional mistake of dropping your kit, and also, is made to deal with the high heat created by your vaping system. But still, Pyrex is not 100% unbreakable. For instance, let’s say you drop your setup from the top of a staircase, or onto a hard concrete sidewalk. In these cases, you’re more likely to crack your glass piece, which means that your tank is no longer functional. Of course, there’s always the possibility of losing the glass piece too, should you remove it for some reason and misplace it.

Replacement glass allows you to replace the glass piece without having to buy a whole new tank. Because the glass piece is just a small Pyrex tube, it’s very inexpensive, and so having to replace it isn’t all that big of a deal.

Types of Replacement Glass
In fact, glass pieces that make up part of a sub-ohm tank don’t vary all that much from one another. Sub-ohm tanks, in the superficial sense, look extremely similar to one another since they all fall within a general size range, to keep vaping setups from being too “top-heavy,” while still being able to hold a substantial amount of e-liquid at any given time.

So, how can replacement glass pieces differ from one another? Well, there are two main variables:

·Size – The diameter, measured in millimeters, can differ slightly from another model.
·Shape – Two most common shapes are cylindrical (considered standard), and “bubble” (shape is bulbous). Bubble glass pieces serve the sole purpose of increasing the capacity of the tank, without having to make the tank larger.

Because glass pieces can differ even slightly from one another, it’s important to always try to buy the replacement glass piece that’s produced for your specific vape tank, to ensure that it fits.

How to Install Replacement Glass
Luckily, installing a piece of replacement glass is very simple. Almost all glass pieces simply screw into the stainless steel structure of the tank, very securely.

If you do need to replace your glass piece:

·1.Remove the old one, if that applies. Now, you have the stainless steel bass and top of the tank.
·2.Screw the glass piece into the bass of the tank – the piece that has the 510-threaded connection that attaches to your MOD – and make sure that it’s nice and tight.
·3.Now, you can screw the top piece of the tank on, and you’re all set.

Who Should Buy Replacement Glass?
Many vapers make the mistake of not buying a replacement glass piece until after they’ve damaged or lost the original piece. The reason why this is a mistake is that once you don’t have a functional glass piece, you can’t vape. The glass piece is responsible for holding the vape juice inside of the tank, so once it’s gone, there’s nowhere for the vape juice to go. Essentially, you will have to wait for your new glass piece to arrive before vaping again.

Naturally, then, you should purchase replacement glass preventatively. In fact, we recommend grabbing a piece when you buy your vaping system – an added perk is that in the rare event that your vape tank ends up discontinued in the future, you won’t suddenly be unable to find a replacement glass piece for sale, requiring that you buy a whole new tank instead.

The Takeaway: Accidents Happen, So Replacement Glass is a Must
It goes without saying that replacement glass serves an important purpose in your hardware collection. Even if you think you handle your vaping system as carefully as you can, the reality is that accidents can happen to anyone. Because of that, we always recommend that every vaper who uses a sub-ohm tank has a backup piece of glass ready to go at all times. Basically, since3 replacement glass is so inexpensive, the investment is a no-brainer.