Elf Bars are often regarded as a healthier choice than cigarettes because they don't contain as many harmful elements as regular tobacco products. Many smokers who want to quit smoking turn to Elf Bars because they still get nicotine hits from the vape and can adjust the nicotine percentage.

However, it's important to clarify that while the Elf Bar is a healthier choice for smokers, it’s not an entirely healthy product for non-smokers as it contains e-liquid and nicotine. 

In this article, we'll go over the Elf Bar side effects and how different people can react to these vapes. So, if you were curious about the short or long-term effects of Elf Bars, proceed reading below!

How Dangerous Are Elf Bars?
There is no specific evidence that the Elf Bars can cause life-limiting illnesses or similar adverse effects on the body. Studies show that they are healthier than cigarettes because they don’t have all the chemicals tobacco has.

Although disposable vapes are known to be healthier than regular cigarettes, that doesn't mean you should overuse them. The amount of nicotine in an Elf Bar can be way higher than in regular tobacco products, which can cause addiction faster. 

Just as there are consequences for any product that enters our body, vapes also impact our bodies. Here are the side effects of overusing an Elf Bar.

Like cigarettes and other smoking products, you should expect to cough as you start vaping more. The first time you vape may also result in coughing, which is most common among non-smokers.

If you start coughing excessively, it's best to stop puffing for a while and grab a drink. 

The thing about vapes is that the vape smoke is vaporized or humid. In other words, you add water to your lungs, which can increase the risk of pneumonia. However, you won’t experience such issues if you use them mindfully and get them from a reputable online vape shop

Nausea after using smoking devices is very common among first-time users. Basically, you feel nauseous because your body has consumed more nicotine than it can handle. 

For that reason, doctors on social networks suggest that you should not use Elf Bars on a night out because when the 2% nicotine gets mixed with the alcohol, the body starts feeling sick. In rare cases, you may have a blackout and require medical assistance.

Also, you should be aware that Elf Bars are much more concentrated with nicotine than tobacco products. Therefore, make sure that you balance the intake. 

We recommend getting your vapes from an established vape shop near you, as the employee can suggest which one you should get to not overstep your limits.

Shortness of Breath
Shortness of breath occurs when overusing a smoking product. Therefore, if you use the entire Elf Bar in a day, you should expect shortness of breath.

However, you can experience shortness of breath even if you use a vape consciously, meaning regularly but with a normal puff intake. In this case, shortness of breath happens because the nicotine makes your pulse go faster. 

Therefore, always refer to a vaping guide before experimenting, especially if you’ve never vaped before.

Another nicotine consequence from overconsumption is headaches. You should know that vapes are powerful when it comes to nicotine, and overusing them can cause headaches. 

Another reason you might experience headaches after vaping is dehydration. You should know that vapes can dehydrate you just like cigarettes. 

So, even if you haven’t taken too many puffs but haven’t had your daily water intake, you may feel a dull or sharp pain at the back of your head. So, make sure you always have a glass of water nearby.

Dry Mouth or Throat
Elf Bars may contain vaporized humid fog, but they can still dehydrate the mouth and throat. If you take too many drags, you may feel your mouth begin to dry. 

Additionally, if you don't hydrate it, you might feel like your throat is itching or tickling. Therefore, be mindful and make a slight pause in between the draws to avoid Elf Bar side effects.

Conclusion: Are Elf Bars Harmful or Not?
There is no official medical evidence that states Elf Bars are harmful or that they can cause severe diseases. What we know for sure is the standard medical warning on all smoking products. 

Compared to cigarettes, Elf Bars are way healthier because they lack many of the harmful chemicals in tobacco products that are cancer triggers. Therefore, if you use an Elf Bar consciously, you won't have any concerning effects.

Don’t forget that you can always get nicotine-free Elf Bars. These vapes are much safer for first-time users, don’t cause coughing fits, and are less likely to lead to cravings.