Drag 4 Kit by Voopoo

Voopoo Drag 4 Kit: C-frame, At Last!
What’s up vape fam! It’s a new year for us all, and what better way to kick it off than by plunging ourselves into a new hardware review? This time, we take a look at Voopoo’s newest mod and tank combo kit: The Drag 4!

This kit was kindly sent by Voopoo for my review.

Yes, it’s another “Drag” yet again, but the Drag 4 does come with updates which a lot of us in the community have been asking for, for a long time. The most significant of which, in my opinion, is the implementation of a C-frame structure to the mod. But, more about this in a bit!

Not only that, the Drag 4 is released with Voopoo’s newest sub-ohm tank: the Uforce-L Tank. This tank is unique in the sense that it takes in PnP coils. Now, I have seen AIOs and tanks from other manufacturers that feature the ability to use PnP coils; but the Uforce-L Tank will be Voopoo’s first official sub-ohm tank for the PnP coils (unless I’m missed a release somewhere!).

Without further ado, let’s get to it! As always, this review is from my own genuine experience of using the product as an average vaper.

Packaging and Contents

The Voopoo Drag 4 Kit came in a sample box that contained:

§The Drag 4 Mod/device; takes in 2 x 18650 cells.
§The all-new Uforce-L Tank has a 4mL capacity with straight glass.
§Spare bubble glass that increases capacity to 5.5 mL.
§A PNP-TW20 0.20 ohm coil.
§A PNP-TW15 0.15 ohm coil.
§A USB-C charging cable.
§Baggie of spares that has o-rings and a silicon seal.
§User manual and warning card.

Salient Features include:

§Uforce-L Tank is compatible with all PnP coils, even the RBA!
§Top fill and top airflow.
§Mod is made from leather, zinc alloy, and rosewood. The tank is made from stainless steel and pyrex glass.
§Kit dimensions at around 147 x 52 x 25 mm as a whole, which isn’t too big, but is bigger than, say, the Drag 3. What I will say though is that the Uforce-L tank looks to be quite big for the coils that it uses; but on its own, it’s right around of similar height to most sub-ohm tanks in the market.
§Uses VooPoo’s Gene.TT 2.0 chipset, but this one is spiced up with more modes and control options, including the addition of a long-awaited TC mode (in addition to Smart, RBA, Eco), as well as the ability to alter how the multi-function switch operates. Oh yes, the mod has a multi-function switch, which we shall discuss in a bit!
§Reads 0.05 ohm to 3.0-ohm resistances.
§Kicks out 5-177W of power, and adjusts in 1W increments.
§The output voltage of 3.2-8.4V, for the higher power required by lower ohm coils.
§Has button firing only.
§3A fast charging via its USB-C port!

Impressions and Experience

As with most Voopoo kits I’ve received of late, the Drag 4, even this sample I received, is packaged so well! It’s unique, tasteful without being loud, and compact to hold everything in. A small outer sleeve, that is made to look like wood, is slipped on the main box which covers it about 2/3 of the way, and printed on this outer sleeve are the kit contents, manufacturer information, and kit features. The main box has the mod, atomiser, and spare bubble glass sitting on a plastic tray. Underneath this tray are the kit accessories.

The words that come to my mind when I look at the assembled kit, as a whole, are classic, elegant, and solid. It doesn’t try to appear anything else than what it is and is something that one can whip out for a vape on any occasion. If I’m honest, thinking back on previous Drag kits, this is the one that looks the best in my eyes because of its timeless look.

The Drag 4 Kit will come in various colours, with 2 main finishes of wood and resin. The Uforce-L tank colour will match the mod- at the time of writing, I could see stainless steel and matte black colours for the tank.

A. Uforce-L Tank and PNP TW Coils
My introduction to the Uforce-L Tank will be: don’t judge at first glance. Yeah, I know that it kind of looks like most sub-ohm tanks out there, but this one is a beast that can hold its own!

The atomiser doesn’t really have a lot of branding slathered on it. There’s just the usual Voopoo print beneath the base and the tank logo which appears to be of an animal’s head (a dog or a wolf?) in three angles.

It does have some weight to it, owing to the materials used, but it’s not something you’d notice even if you fill it up. All parts fit each other perfectly, with every component machined very well. Disassembly is also very easy making tank cleaning & maintenance a breeze.

The tank doesn’t use a standard 810 drip tip (modified 810 with o-rings on them), which is probably my only comment on this device, but this isn’t a con because it is very comfortable to use. I’ll admit that it looks kind of tall, but I don’t really notice this when I’m vaping on it.

The top cap has quite a lot of knurling for grip, which is great, and it engages/disengages in a quarter-turn. The fill holes are obscured with a sealing gasket to help make the tank leak-proof, but this gasket has 2 holes for filling and letting air out. The gasket holes are more than enough to accommodate the e-liquid bottles I use- I had absolutely no problems with refilling this tank!

The top airflow is comprised of three cyclops holes that are angled downwards and into the tank. An airflow ring with no stops controls the airflow, and there are three lined areas on this ring that expose the airflow holes. These lines, when aligned with the airflow holes, make the appearance of 3 rows for each hole, but what it does is basically make the airflow smoother by breaking it up a little bit. Rotating the airflow ring controls the airflow effectively. What I will say though is that, even when fully open, this airflow system has some restriction in it. It’s not as open as other sub-ohm atomisers out there, but for the way I vape, I found the fully open setting to be perfect for the coils that came with the kit.

As a pro-tip: you can actually remove the airflow ring for easier cleaning!

The coils install from the bottom when the base, which has spring-loaded coil contacts, is un-threaded from the rest of the atomiser. Simply just push the coil in to install, and pull it out to uninstall (PnP!).

Getting to the coils, the PNP-TW15 0.15 ohm mesh coil (55-70W) performed ever so well! Phenomenal flavour(8.5/10) and dense clouds, I can’t really fault it. Especially with dessert-flavoured e-liquids, there’s just a crispness and clarity to the flavour, which is not really easy to come by in stock mesh coils. And being a coil that can handle higher wattage, the warmth from the coil just makes the vape so satisfying!

The PNP-TW20 0.20 ohm mesh coil (40-55W) performed just as impressive (8.5/10 for flavour), and is surprisingly warmer than I expected! At 55W and with the airflow fully open, it gave me such an enjoyable vape even on a freezing winter night.

I have to say that both coils, although they are much smaller than your typical sub-ohm mesh coils, really do pack a punch and are perfect for the Uforce-L Tank. What’s more, is that they seem to last forever as well: at the time of writing, I have gone through about 30 mL of e-liquid with each coil, and they are still performing as if they were new!

Great flavour, no leaks, long coil life – honestly I can’t really complain about the Uforce-L Tank and the PNP TW coils!

B. Drag 4 Mod/Device

The biggest update to the Drag 4 device, as I mentioned in the intro of this review, is the implementation of a C-frame. That means no more spring-loaded battery doors that may not last the test of time. With a C-frame, a panel comes off and on via magnets to secure the batteries inside the mod, which makes the Drag 4 mod even more durable.

In terms of ergonomics and aesthetics, it feels very good in the hand with its smooth lines and curves. The leather and wood add some variation to the texture and feel of the rest of its metal body. As with the tank, the mod also doesn’t have a lot of big and bold branding on it; just some Drag branding in select portions of the mod. For those of us who are used to Voopoo mods in the past, the branding on the Drag 4 is definitely scaled down, which I think is a great design decision for that classic look.

The mod isn’t heavy at all, but it will of course have some weight with the batteries installed. Up top is an off-centre 510 platform that should be able to accommodate atomisers up to 25 mm in diameter (maybe 26 mm at a stretch). A metal rear panel slides on and off to reveal the battery compartment, which actually has more branding than the exterior. Don’t be put off by that though, as what’s great about this has Voopoo used this space not just for branding, but also to put some battery warning print as well. Very beginner-friendly!

There is a ribbon inside that will help to remove the batteries. But installing the batteries is so easy: just pop them in according to the clearly marked polarities, slide the rear panel back in, and you’re good to go! There’s also no play at all between the panel and mod chassis, and the rear panel slides back in perfectly every time.

The front of the mod has the fire button, coloured screen (about 1.5” per my measurements), up and down adjustment buttons, multi-function switch, and USB-C port. The screen displays expected vaping data such as battery life both as a diminishing bar and percentage, power level, the mode selected, ohm load, voltage, duration of puff, and a 5-digit puff counter.

The buttons are clicky although with some slight play, but I am using a sample unit, and this might not be the case in the actual retail ones. Operating the mod is quite intuitive even with the added controls:

§5 clicks on/off.
§The up and down button pressed at the same time gives access to the menu, where you can select the mod’s mode of operation between Smart, Eco, RBA, and TC (Ni200, Ti, SS316, SS430), customise how you’d want the multi-function switch to work, reset your puff counter, get some information about the device itself, and change the display colour (5 options: classic, green, pink, purple, and yellow).
§Up and down buttons to adjust wattage or temperature, or to scroll through menu options.
§The Fire button to vape and select a menu option.

The multi-function switch is a cool feature in this mod, in my opinion. In the menu, you can choose whether this switch locks the entire device, locks just the adjustment buttons (wattage lock), or turns the device on and off. Whichever switch action you select, the screen will display relevant information whenever you interact with this switch. For me, I vary the action of this switch depending on where I am or what I’m doing: I’ll choose wattage lock when I’m out and about, but will use the switch for turning the device on and off when I’m at home. It’s quite honestly a great thing to have because, for me, it means I don’t have to remember all button combinations for certain actions- particularly useful as I do use a variety of devices in rotation!

I do love the Gene.TT 2.0 chipset and all the additions made by Voopoo to the Drag 4’s, but still, there is no way to adjust the screen brightness, which is a bit of a niggle. I really hope Voopoo release a software upgrade soon to add these options.

Smart mode limits the maximum power to the coil based on its resistance as a safety and coil-saving feature, and the RBA mode does not limit the power and you are free to adjust power as desired. Eco mode is an option to extend battery life by increasing vaping puffs by 10%.

The Drag 4 mod fires instantaneously and at full power to the coil, as you would normally expect from a Voopoo mod. It also reads resistances quite consistently, especially with the PNP-TW coils. The mod’s battery management was around what I expected too- it doesn’t drain batteries quickly. With 3A charging, recharging batteries is quite fast, and when charging, the mod does display some animation along with battery percentage. However, as I always say: I recommend using an external charger for safety and battery longevity.

Overall: Yay or Nay?
Out of all the models in the main Drag series, this is definitely the best one for me, and gets a solid Yay! As a whole, the kit performs very well with its easy set-up and operation and kicks out amazing flavour via the PNP dual-in-one coils. The mod having a C-frame adds durability, and the Uforce-L tank being leakproof just makes the Drag 4 Kit one of the top sub-ohm kits out there, in my opinion.

Even as an experienced DL vaper, I quite enjoyed using this kit and will definitely continue to use it beyond my review. The Drag 4 Kit is also ideal for newbies to sub-ohm vaping for its superb performance in a user-friendly package.